Daphne emulator for Dragon's Lair

  • is there a method to install Daphne on Recalbox to play Dragon's Lair? i started with RetroPie on my new cabinet but switched to Recalbox i like it better, but can't seem to find much in way of getting Daphne emulator loaded. the Retropie build seemed to have Daphne loaded up into Emulation Station so i figured there should be a way to do the same on Recalbox ??? thanks

  • Daphne : not yet done. Might be done for 4.1, we terribly lack contributors

  • @subs ok cool 🙂 , i'll keep a secondary microSD with retropie to pop in for Dragon's Lair and the like LOL, until then... look forward to it..

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    Sorry to dig up that old thread but I have just watched the first episode of Stranger Things season 2, and I was wondering the exact same thing : is there a way to play Dragon's Lair on Recalbox ^^
    (Kids play this game in the first episode, on arcade of course).

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    @neeeeb amiga or dos, even atari st or amstrad if I remember well ....

    But if you never really played them, these games are really terrible and awfull anyway (as stated by the kids themselves in Stranger Thing), it's really the worst of what gaming can propose

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    Like the theme of my bartop is about Dragon 's Lair, I was forced to install minimum one of the games.
    This one runs on SNES and is from 1992 Data East. 😉

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    @voljega @Dragu
    Thx will give a try to the SNES version.
    Are all the versions the same btw ? the game looked better in stranger things ahah

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    @neeeeb The SNES or GB version have absolutely nothing to do with the original game, they are just using the licence for something entirely different.
    I like the GB version by the way.

    The version of the 'true' games are pretty different : you watch scenes of an 'interactive' movie and after 4-5s you have to enter a command to avoid beeing killed. this command can either be one of the four direction, one or two buttons, or a combination of those, and only one of this combination will work and you have no way to guess which one. If you don't choose the right one you die and begin again at the beginnning of the sequence. You have three life and lose a credit each three life. Repear for 30 or so scenes.

    So esentially this is just a series of QTE where the game doesn't tell you which button to press and you die if you press the wrong one, without any logical way to guess which is the right one. And every 3 dies, you lose 10 francs / 1 euros.

    Awfull shit, really.

    There were a slighty different games for Amstrad, Atari ST and Amiga (along conversion of the originals) which were more arcade games, those ones are betters

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    Ah yes, that's exactly what I thought.
    I think I saw it run while I was young on a Philips CDI at "Mammouth" (yes it was not Auchan at that time...)
    Anyway I'd really like to try the original game, just for the sake of it ^^

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    @neeeeb completed my first post 😉

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    I was playing once the original to the middle, than I stopped. It's like slot machine gambling. No pleasure.

  • did you see that git repository : daphne-pi

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    ahah ok ^^

    oh nice, would be cool to see it in recalbox.

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