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240p Support for CRT's

  • This is my first post here and before saying anything else, I just need to congratulate the team on doing such amazing work!!! I'll be adding an RPi gaming page to my website soon and will definitely be featuring Recalbox.

    I was wondering if the team would be able to add 240p support for people using CRT's and RGB monitors, who want more of an "official" retro look. You can get cheap HDMI to Component video converters and if the output was 320x240, it would work perfect with all older displays. Also, if the "pixel perfect" mode is selected, it should even compensate for all the alternative resolutions of the different consoles (256x224, etc). I searched and found some posts in the French section of the site, but Google translate didn't do a great job, so I wasn't sure what their conclusion was.

    In my opinion, the most important thing should be ease of use: A 240p mode should be as easy as toggling a menu option (maybe a button combo?) and not require any "coding". Recalbox is absolutely simple to use and I think adding a simple 240p mode would open up CRT gamers to an amazing option!

    I'd obviously be willing to help any way I can. Thanks again!

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    @retrorgb as far as I know, for CRTs you just need to do the following:

    Edit recalbox.conf and set the global.videomode to default :

    The last but not the least, disable the smooth filter and all shaders on games from the ES menu (START -> GAME MENU) to get the original image from all systems!

    (Taken from

    This other wiki page might be useful for you as well:

  • Paradadf said most of the known things ...

    But there is a warp zone that leads to wonderland if you speak french ... Let's say we have a few CRT nazis here that have been working head over heels to get the best CRT performance. And i tell you, they are a bunch of psychos that went really far into digging the whole sh*t

    Long story short : they decided it was worth testing HDMI to VGA and then use the RGB signals that are much better than composite. And they almost made it ! For consoles at least. Arcade is still something to dig further. I let you enjoy google translate until you speak fluently french with "CRT psycho electronics option" :

  • Thanks very much for the info and for the link to the thread. I'll try editing the config files this weekend for 240p output and hopefully we'll have a GUI choice of resolutions in future revisions.

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