What's your favorite game to play on Recalbox?

  • I am loving my Raspberry Pi 2 and Recalbox. It's a match made in heaven. So assuming that everyone else is spending their spare time playing retro games here is my question... On any currently supported platform what is your favorite: 1) Shoot 'em Up 2) Fighting Game 3) Platform / Side scrolling game 4) Adventure / RPG game 5) Driving game I'll start you off with my choices: 1) Gigawing - FBA 2) Tekken 3 - PSX (although I love Street Fighter Alpha 3 - FBA) 3) Ghosts 'n Ghouls - FBA 4) Final Fantasy IX - PSX 5) Outrun - PC Engine/Turbografx16 (best music)

  • Ghouls'n Ghosts is a great game I finished it (2 loops) on megadrive (genesis) with neogenesis emulator on xbox. It was before that recalbox exists Recalbox made me replay on Megaman 2 (NES), it was way easier to finish that I though. I did it on xbox because the controls with my xbox 360 controller on Recalbox did megaman move a little too fast to be trully accurate.

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    Hi here are my choices : 1) DOnDonPachi 2) Street Fighter 3 Third Strike 3) Super Mario Worlds Hacks (Super mario Bros 4, Yoshi's Strange QUest) 4) FFVII for ever 5) Arcade games where you see your car from above and jsut have to turn on time 🙂

  • here is my list: - Wonderboy - Arkanoid - Tetris - 1942 - Diablo

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    • The King of Fighters Series - Street Fighter 2 - Captain Commando - The Castle (SG-1000) - Top Gear

    1. Thunder Force III (Mega Drive), Gradius III (Super Famicom), Fantasy Zone (Arcade) 2) Street Fighter Zero 3 (Arcade), Art of Fighting (Neo Geo) 3) The Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive), NAM-1975 (Neo Geo) 4) Ys Book I & II, Tengai Makyou (PC-Engine CD-ROM) 5) F-Zero (Super Famicom), Moto Roader (PC-Engine) Happy Gaming everybody 😉

    1. Marvel Super Heroes I've only been playing MSH and SFIII so far (I own discs and A and B boards). Big question though, is anyone else unable to taunt? I'm using the start button but it doesn't work. In SFIII the chars get buffs (especially Q, he's useless w/out it) so it's important. What's weird is that in MSH at the end of the round using the start button works to let you kick downed opponents, but doesn't do anything prior.

  • Retroboy how to play the Yoshi´s strange quest?   I dont understand  there are not a "smc" rom.     Thanks for your help

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    @Jose Manuel Perez you can find it on google, in smc or sfc. It exists 🙂 Or you can patch the original rom with IPS files 🙂

  • 1. R-Type (MasterSystem) 2. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES) 3. SuperMarioWorld (SNES) and WonderBoy III The Dragons Trap (MasterSystem) 4. Legend of Zelda: Link to the past 5. Colin McRae Rally 2 (PSX), Mario Kart (SNES), Jaguar XJ220 (Amiga) (would love to play the last one on recalbox:))

  • Mine is Street Fighter Zero 3. Love it after Minecraft, Apknite's BitLife, Ball Mayhem, Mario

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