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Do-ability of an idea concerning mame/fba/fba_libretro roms

  • Hello everyone and thank you for your great job on Recalbox.

    Following the dev of RB, i have decided to dedicate 2 rpi2 : 1 for console retrogaming and 1 for arcade.

    Concerning the mame/fba/fba_libretro roms difficulty with the specificity of the sets, i was wondering weither it is possible to mix the clrmamepro.dat with the same system used to check the hash of bios files via the recalbox manager under or not ?

    This would considerably clarify which rom is proper or not.

    hope i'm clear enough though 😉

    N.B : i have 2 rpi2, ps3 controllers, 1 xarcade dual stick

  • do you mean we should write clrmamepro on pi ? 😄

    It's not really a question of feasability, but .. doh ... time consumming, and not even sure it's worth the sweat ... But technically speaking, it IS possible. But poor pi, not enough I/O speed to do it at a decent speed i'm afraid

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    This would mean you would have to encode 3 hash for every roms (corresponding to the fba/fba_libretro/mame romsets) and roms names can even change from time to time (it's rare but it happens)

    Besides, roms hash are not the same depending on the romset type : merged, unmerged, etc...

    So this would be potentially mean that for each rom you should have at least 9 different hash to consider.

    Not to mention that even if the only way to be asbolutely sure that a rom to work is to take it in the right romset it cans still sometimes work when it has just changed a little, in another romset not far fom the targeted one.

    So in essence not only would it require an absolutely enormous amount of purely manual work, it would also be a bit pointless.

  • @voljega no, the trick would be to use the dats provided with recalbox (which are simple XML files) and check roms with the dats.

    Beside split/merged and parent/clone considerations, it's doable. But i don't think anyone would have fun coding such a thing, nor any interest for recalbox when other tools do it already much better

  • Thank you for these quick and precise answers.

    Now that i'm aware of what is involved, i reconsider my question.

    Alternatively, is it possible to list only the working rom names ?

    The user wouldn't have to search in the xlsx file which one to look for, depending on rpi version or emulator used.

    I tried that on my own, but i can't filter only "green/no comments" tagged files (because "green" is not a criteria of filtering).

  • Ok nevermind, i managed howto 😉 not an excel-specialist...

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    @KaraK_VarN I have plans to better code working status and add bios/driver and hardware system to the sheet in a not near future to make such automatic extraction more easy.

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