UXS - Problem scraping names from screenscraper.fr

  • Hi @screech

    While working with customized mixes for UXS, I've found what appears to be a bug. Going to explain:

    I'm trying to scrape two (Spain) roms:

    Soleil (Spain).zip
    Story of Thor, The (Spain).zip

    When they're scraped, the gamelist.xml it's giving me these values:

    <path>./Soleil (Spain).zip</path>

    <path>./Story of Thor, The (Spain).zip</path>
    <name>The Story of Thor: Hikari wo Tsugu Mono</name>

    This <name> tag, is this field in screenscraper.fr:

    Nom du jeux (dans sa langue d'origine):

    But those games has an alternative names in various languages, including Spanish. So I think UXS it's not getting the language preferences correctly, or doesn't scrape correctly the <name> tag.

    This is my language preferences in UXS:

    $RechMultiLang =es|eu|us|origine|fr|de|pt|jp|xx

    And, for more info, this is my customized mix:

    $MIX_IMG_NAME		= Megadrive (ESP)
    $MIX_IMG_EXEMPLE	= exemple.png
    $MIX_IMG_CIBLE_X	= 600
    $MIX_IMG_CIBLE_Y	= 400
    $MIX_IMG_NBIMG		= 10
    $MIX_IMG1_SOURCE_1	= 'screenshotTEMP|GameMax|medias/media_screenshot|path:image||350|RIGHT|CENTER'
    $MIX_IMG2_SOURCE_1	= 'logoTEMP|GameMax|medias/media_wheels/media_wheel_es|path:image|280||312|0'
    $MIX_IMG3_SOURCE_1	= 'logoTEMP|GameMax|medias/media_wheels/media_wheel_eu|path:image|280||312|0'
    $MIX_IMG4_SOURCE_1	= 'logoTEMP|GameMax|medias/media_wheels/media_wheel_fr|path:image|280||312|0'
    $MIX_IMG5_SOURCE_1	= 'logoTEMP|GameMax|medias/media_wheels/media_wheel_%%|path:image|280||312|0'
    $MIX_IMG6_SOURCE_1	= 'boxTEMP|GameMAX|medias/media_boxs/media_boxs3d/media_box3d_es|path:image||400|LEFT|CENTER'
    $MIX_IMG7_SOURCE_1	= 'boxTEMP|GameMAX|medias/media_boxs/media_boxs3d/media_box3d_eu|path:image||400|LEFT|CENTER'
    $MIX_IMG8_SOURCE_1	= 'boxTEMP|GameMAX|medias/media_boxs/media_boxs3d/media_box3d_fr|path:image||400|LEFT|CENTER'
    $MIX_IMG9_SOURCE_1	= 'boxTEMP|GameMAX|medias/media_boxs/media_boxs3d/media_box3d_%%|path:image||400|LEFT|CENTER'
    $MIX_IMG10_SOURCE_1	= 'regionTEMP|FixeMax|Ico-ESP.png|path:image|75|75|RIGHT|DOWN'

    Hope this info helps you, I love your tool, and just wanna make it better 🙂


  • Hello,

    First : medias/media_wheels/media_wheel_es and medias/media_boxs/media_boxs3d/media_box3d_es unfortunately doesn't exist... So it's unnecessary in your MIX Template 😉

    Second : Can you copy/Paste you Scrape Profil ? I need to see what UXS try to catch (ELEMENT8 an 9 if you haven't change too much you profil 😉 )

    Normally, with $RechMultiLang =es|eu|us|origine|fr|de|pt|jp|xx it take the ES name first... So it's strange :S

    (wich UXS version do you use ? the very last one ?)

  • Ups, I will erase the _es lines.... 😛

    This is my UXS preferences (I'm using the MIX profile):

    $verINI	= ''
    $RechFiles =*.*|*.xml;*.txt;*.dv;*.fs;*.xor;*.drv;*.dat;*.nv;*.bin;*sav
    ;Mask de recherche (séparé par des ';') | Mask d'exclusion (séparé par des ';')
    $Verbose =1
    ;Type de log
    ;0 = pas de log   1 = log standard   2 = full log
    $RechSYS =1
    ;Recherche automatique de Systeme
    ;0 = Fenetre de demande du nom de systeme
    ;1 = Recherche du nom de repertoire dans la liste de systeme + fenetre de demande si pas trouvé
    ;Par défaut dans le cas d'un scrape de tous les systemes, le logiciel fera une recherche et s'il ne trouve pas fera les requetes sans nom de systeme
    $RechAPI =1|2|3
    ;Ordre de recherche de l'API
    ;1 = CRC + System
    ;2 = CRC
    ;3 = FileName + System
    $RechMultiLang =es|eu|us|origine|fr|de|pt|jp|xx
    ;toutes modifications sur le champs ci dessus sera inutile
    $PROFILS_SCRAPER_1	= 'ScreenScraper-Recalbox v4'
    $PROFILS_SCRAPER_2	= 'ScreenScraper (MIX)-Recalbox v4'
    $PROFILS_SCRAPER_3	= 'ScreenScraper-Recalbox v3'
    $PROFILS_SCRAPER_4	= 'ScreenScraper-EmulationStation'
    $PROFILS_SCRAPER_5	= 'ScreenScraper-Hyperspin'
    $PROFILS_SCRAPER_6	= 'ScreenScraper-AttractMode'
    [ScreenScraper (MIX)-Recalbox v4]
    $PATHAUTOCONF_PathImage	=
    $ExtImage		=png
    $OPTION_MAJ		=0
    $IMAGE_SOURCE		= 'Screenscraper (MIX).jpg'
    $IMAGE_CIBLE		= 'RecalboxV4.jpg'
    $ELEMENT_1 		= 'gameList|root|Data|root'
    $ELEMENT_2 		= 'game|child|jeu|child'
    $ELEMENT_3 		= 'id|attr:game|id|value'
    $ELEMENT_4 		= 'source|attr:game|ScreenScraper|variable'
    $ELEMENT_5 		= 'path|value|%RomPath%|variable'
    $ELEMENT_6 		= 'emulator|value'
    $ELEMENT_7 		= 'core|value'
    $ELEMENT_8 		= 'name|value|noms/nom_%%|form:%FileNameBracket%'
    $ELEMENT_9 		= 'name|value|nom|value'
    $ELEMENT_10 		= 'desc|value|synopsis/synopsis_%%|value'
    $ELEMENT_11 		= 'image|path:image|%mix_image%|variable'
    $ELEMENT_12		= 'thumbnail|value'
    $ELEMENT_13		= 'rating|value100|note|value'
    $ELEMENT_14		= 'releasedate|valueDES|dates/date_%%|value'
    $ELEMENT_15		= 'developer|value|developpeur|value'
    $ELEMENT_16		= 'publisher|value|editeur|value'
    $ELEMENT_17		= 'genre|value|genres/genres_%%/genre_%%|value'
    $ELEMENT_18		= 'players|value|joueurs|value'
    $ELEMENT_19		= 'favorite|value'
    $ELEMENT_20		= 'region|value'
    $ELEMENT_21		= 'romtype|value'
    $ELEMENT_22		= 'hidden|value'
    $ELEMENT_23		= 'playcount|value'
    $ELEMENT_24		= 'lastplayed|value'
    $ELEMENT_25		= 'crc32|value|%crc32%|variable'
    $ELEMENT_26		= 'md5|value|%md5%|variable'
    $ELEMENT_27		= 'sha1|value|%sha1%|variable'

    I'm using your recomendation of form:%FileNameBracket% in $ELEMENT_8 to include the region in brackets, but it's not working as we are talking here:


  • $verINI = '' !!!

    Download quickly the last one 😉 ^^


  • Problem solved!

    I'm a BIG DUMB! xD

    Thinking that I had the last version...

    Thank you very much @screech

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