Logitech F710 and Home button...

  • I using recalbox on Odroid XU4.

    My gamepad is logitech F710 and i have some questions / problem.
    1 - The gamepad work only in DirectInput mode. Why?
    2 - In DirectInput mode the home button (logitech button) not work. Why?

    Is there anyone to have the same gamepad?

    Tank you for your help...

  • Hi, I'm using 2 Logitech F710 controllers. They work perfectly fine for me in XInput-Mode.

    The only slightly annoying aspect during initial controller setup is setting up the trigger buttons (L2 / R2):
    I have to configure the other buttons first, then use the dpad to select L2 again, then hit the physical B and then pull the left trigger. Afterwards I do the same to configure R2.

    Did you try reconnecting the USB dongle?

    For me the gamepads were/are working fine in recalbox 3.2.11 and 4.0-beta5, though I have to do the initial first-time setup.

  • this a a known bug when L2 is a trigger. But you only need to configure your cnotroller once. The pad itself then known, which ever player it is set to

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