How can I set different controls for FBA?

  • Hi.

    I wonder if there is a way to set up a different set of controls for FBA/other emulators. I tried to configure (through hotkey) a set of controls, but it doesn't load.

    My retroarch file content:
    My fba file content:

    Thanks :)

  • do you mean piFBA or fba_libretro ? The FBA standalone or the retroarch core ?

  • FBA Libretro. About the second question, I'm not sure (I'm new configuring recalbox).

  • if you're using fba_libretro it's the retroarch core.

    Here is a first step :
    You can also have a look at core remap features. That's what i use for neogeo non my arcade stick. No wiki yet sadly. Open the retroarch menu, It's in Quick menu > controls. Remap from there, then save remap controls.

  • I added the line to load my fba_libretro.cfg file, but it doesn't work.

    Also, I've tried to configure retroarch (I move through the menu using a keyboard), but when I try to map a button from the joystick, it doesn't recognise it. Do I need to press anything before trying to map it (Enter doesn't work).

    Thanks again.

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