Recalbox 7.0

Black screen after startup

  • hello,

    i have a problem because after the startup, if i don,'t choose shift for config menu, the screen goes black and nothing seems to answer.
    If i enter the config menu with shift key, when i keave it the screen gets black too.

    During that i can access by web interface, but by ssh the default password for root recalboxroot doesn;t work (what is the password ?)

    thank you

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    Hi, do you have a hdmi to dvi or hdmi to vga convertor ?

  • You have the correct ssh password. Are you sure you are connecting as root?

  • I believe you may have the same problem that I was dealing with. After hitting shift at startup, click Edit config (e)

    then change

    click OK and then problem should be solved. (If you have that DVI - HDMI cable issue I had).

  • this didn't work for me sadly. I use a dvi monitor and set it for dvi correctly but after a restart that doesn't involve pulling the plug for 3 seconds its a black screen. Strange part for me is that I had it working perfectly but I screwed up an unrelated aspect of my sd card so I just said oh well and reflashed a fresh install, set it up as before including dvi but I get the black screen now. everything else works great including jack audio lirc for kodi, on/off/reset/led, usb encoder, etc. its an slightly older gateway monitor if that matters at all.

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