Getting the left and right joysticks on a PS3 controller as a setup option

  • Hello! I absolutely love the ease of this Recalbox system as opposed to the over complicated RetroPie.
    My only gripe is the fact that Retropie has a config option during the setup of the controller to add in the L3 and R3 stick axis, Recalbox does not. Is there an "uncomplicated way" to assign those two joysticks to work along with the D pad? some gammes are best played with a d pad, others suit the analog sticks, especially when jumping into a 64 game that needs the joystick like 1080 snowboarding.

  • I don't really get what you mean. L3 and R3 are buttons, not triggers. Only L2 and R2 can eventually be triggers, depending on the pads. Easy to notice : when you map triggers in ES, they are marked as Axis, not buttons. The analog joysticks are handled, no problem with that.

    I'm sure i didn't answer your question 😮 but recalbox handles everything itself : hats, buttons and triggers/axis, and sets the emulatir up accordingly.

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