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[SOFT] Universal XML Scraper - Windows Scraper for your Recalbox

  • Let me introduce you Universal XML Scraper (Download Last Version) An easy way to scrape your recalbox. With a standard Recalbox, you just need to launch the soft, select your language, your profil (ex : Screenscraper(mix)-Recalbox V4) and say yes to the question "Do you want to use Auto Conf ?") Before scraping think to kill emulationstation (via the SSH Menu) Now you can select the system you want to scrape in the EDIT / AUTOCONF menu And then clic on the center Arrow. Several option can be use :

    • Scrape All System
    • in config menu, you can choose to make new gamelist.xml or append an old one, inserting not founded rom, or change manually some patch.
    • If you want to scrape a USB Key, an extern drive or a network path instead of directly on the Recalbox, you just have to change the "System Path" in the config menu to use "Auto config Mode"
    • New Profil ScreenScraper (MIX)-Recalbox V4 allow you to choose a Image Mix Template (in the Β "change mix image profil" menu) like :

    And much more with a system of Template you can make Exemple of integration in Recalbox : It's only 1 Picture mixed from multipart (3d Box, Screensho and wheel) There is a Tuto (only in french for now) who explain how to make a template (and you can ask me if you have special demands) Β  The source for the scrape isΒ ScreenscraperΒ A French Data Base (with French / English informations) and is "work in progress" so there may be less information than thegamdb, but much better quality medias and info. The scrape is based on the CRC File information and if not found on the file name. So prefer known romset like no intro to be sur there is a match πŸ˜‰ I'm open to suggestion and help, so if you need ask me πŸ˜‰ Good Scrape P.S. : Sorry for my english ^^ I'm french, and if you want some english correction in the soft, let me know...

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    Hi @Screech! Amazing tool, thanks for sharing! I've been playing around a little bit with it in the last week and noticed that in the missing file, there isn't any kind of reference when no images are found. Even then, you get the link in the xml file. I think, it would be useful to have also a log of that.

  • Great Idea πŸ˜‰ I will see what I can do πŸ˜‰

  • Hello !
    I just tried to download the latest released version ( and my antivirus software freaked out saying there was a trojan in it.(win32/Zelrune.B!cl).
    Is there a problem with the latest release ? I am assuming its a false flag, but my antivirus (microsoft security essentials) just nuked it.
    Shall i download a previous release ? Or will the antivirus freak out again ?

    Thanks for the good work !

  • It's seem it's happend sometime.

    I use Autoit to dev this soft. This language is normally for light windows script and sometime antivirus doesn't like automated script..
    I check, It's a false positive 😞

    Sorry I'll try to send a message to MSE to prevent my software to be falsepositived πŸ˜‰

    But for now you can just put it in the trust zone.

  • Hi @screech , sorry to bother you with this, but I've been using your tool to scrap my systems on recalbox v4(beta4) on a raspbery PI 3 and most of the systems worked flawlessly. Although. I can't scrap megadrive at all. It searches all the roms, generate the XML and at the end, it gives me a message saying it did not found any rom. Not sure if this is due to the roms I picked (US set) or if I am doing something wrong here. If you have any tips on that, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the great tool, it has made my system look a lot cooler =). Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @screech , its an awesome tool, but a quick question, on those ones that ur program dont find the scrape, any easy suggestions to me make it manually?

    Thnks a lot

  • It's impossible to do it manually with UXS sorry.

    But The question is : Why it didn't find the Rom informations.

    Some possible answer :

    The CRC of you Rom is not referenced (Not a problem if your Rom filename is πŸ˜‰ )
    The Filename of your rom is not reference (Have you renammed it ? If not it's a problem 😞 )
    The game is Referenced ? (You can check that on Screenscraper website) So try to match the referenced Rom Filename for your game πŸ˜‰

    Last thing : Screenscraper is not Full yet... It missing some Information/Media/Translation/... Don't hesitate to submit your proposition and fill the Database with the information you need πŸ˜‰
    It Value the Database for everyone πŸ˜‰

  • @screech Man, ur awesome, how many beers i own u already?

    Thnks a lot, it will help me a lot!

  • You own me nothing ^^ But if you want you can participate to the Database πŸ˜‰
    What you do there for you, you do it for me too πŸ˜‰ (and for all the other users ^^)

  • @screech i'll put a lot of them, be sure!

    Thnks a lot man!

  • i'm a total noob
    i can't scrape anything
    i've tried a several time
    its said number of roms Found found 0/0 roms

    here is how i did (please correct me )
    0. put some roms to test on pi (neogeo, snes)

    1. open the software
    2. use SSH Command to Stop Emulationstation
    3. go to Edit > Config
    4. Scraper (left side) 0_1471202614395_2016-08-15.png
      then save
    5. back to Edit > Scrape all system >wait
    6. Result found 0/0

    if anyone can help me
    i'm really appreciate
    Thanks in advance

    (sorry for my english)

  • You use Autoconf πŸ˜‰ so you need to select a system before scrape

    So Edit menu, auto configuration, select the system you want to scrape πŸ˜‰

    Then clic on the center Arrow to scrape the selected system.

  • thanks screech
    but still,
    0_1471231078022_2016-08-15 (1).png

    Contra (Jap).zip 4790081B 126 487 13:08.00 2015-08-02 E815373AD8353EE632E933F3A2718E10
    Dragon Warrior (U) (PRG1) [!].zip 4B9A06A0 51 619 12:34.00 2009-06-14 9B2041E7A7061CB6CB3DA2D7C985064F
    Dragon Warrior 2 (U).zip 29AD4CCF 128 101 19:38.00 2009-11-29 8ACC6684439A7E18E17A60BBCE9A9E4C
    Dragon Warrior 3 (U).zip D1D7B154 253 103 19:38.00 2009-11-29 4265D648CAA965D05EED3E1996428269
    Dragon Warrior 4 (U).zip FA181F61 405 924 19:38.00 2009-11-29 408AF81677F128792FF338616254D4A5

    got headached now 😞

  • On wich plateform ? (I will check)
    The scrape seems to work, but you rom seems to be not referenced on Screenscraper DB.

  • i've tried nes, snes, megadrive, neogeo, mastersystem, gba
    none of them work 😞
    i've tried other scraper tools
    it's can find image ok


  • I speak about exemple you post :

    Contra (Jap).zip 4790081B 126 487 13:08.00 2015-08-02 E815373AD8353EE632E933F3A2718E10

    On wich system ?

  • @screech nes

  • Ok, so I really don't understand why it doesn't work :S

    The game exist, not your CRC but the name is good.

    Normally UXS must find it.
    Try this

    Download the last version
    delete all directory and file in UXS dir and put the new EXE
    Try to launch UXS in Admin (optionnal)
    Choose your language
    Choose your profile
    Say "Yes" to autoconf
    Choose NES in the Edit/auto configuration Menu
    Kill Emulationstation in the SSH menu
    Clic on the Arrow to scrape.

  • still no luck 😞
    but i mess around with config with this config
    0_1471258982551_2016-08-15 (4).png
    and the result is different
    0_1471258999673_2016-08-15 (3).png

    still no image in downloaded_images
    0_1471259219963_2016-08-15 (5).png

    but hey, its ok
    thank you to make a great software πŸ™‚

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