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[Solved].sbi file location in recalbox v4 ?

  • Hi, in previous versions I put the .sbi files along with the .bin and .cue files in /roms/psx. This is no longer working. Where do the .sbi files go in v4? Thanks.

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    Well I never needed any sbi file to make game run on my recalbox, which of your games has problems ?

  • Crash Team Racing is the worst offender. I had the problem of the game crashing with earlier recalbox version which was fixed by including the .sbi file.

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    Works fine without it on my side ...

  • Probably not the European version - only the Euro games in some cases require the .sbi files.

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    Whitch games requires sbi files ?

  • Hi, one that is definitely causing a problem is CTR - Crash Team Racing (Europe) SCES-02105. The game crashes back to to ES. I had the same issue with a previous version of Recalbox until I added the .sbi file which fixed the problem.

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    Recalbox 4.0.0 is sensitive case your names of files must be in minusule letter. How to know if the file is used sbi ? I had try this game : CTR - Crash Team Racing (E) (EDC) [SCES-02105] with bin+cue+sbi files/recalbox/share/roms/psx , i play one car race, it's ok. sorry for my english.

  • Hi, my filenames are 'CTR - Crash Team Racing.cue' + 'CTR - Crash Team Racing.bin' + 'CTR - Crash Team Racing.sbi'. Is this a problem? These filenames worked OK in v3? Mine is the (no EDC) version. I will test with the (EDC) version to see if that makes a difference. Thanks.

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    Hello @arne i dont understand your problem I have try with and without sbi files for CTR - Crash Team Racing (E) (EDC) [SCES-02105] and CTR - Crash Team Racing (E) (No EDC) [SCES-02105] i have no problem. Can you post a screenshot for your problem. in ssh : raspi2png -p and use http://www.noelshack.com/ to upload please, read your private message.

  • Hi, I have reinstalled and done more testing. I have a RaspPi2 with recalbox v4b3. When I attempt to play CTR - Crash Team Racing (No EDC) the game 'crashes' and dumps back to ES. To demonstrate the problem start the game select >> English -- Arcade -- Single race -- 1player -- Easy difficulty -- 'Crash Bandicoot' -- 'Crash Cove' -- 3 laps. The game will attempt to load but will 'crash' back to ES. Strangely if you select >> Francais the game does not 'crash' !! I had this same problem with recalbox v3 which was fixed by including the .sbi file. It looks like the .sbi file is no longer being recognised in recalbox v4? Thanks.

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    Hello @Arne Crash Team Racing (No EDC) - recalbox 4b3 with rpi2 overlock turbo

    To demonstrate the problem start the game select >> English — Arcade — Single race — 1player — Easy difficulty — ‘Crash Bandicoot’ — ‘Crash Cove’ — 3 laps. The game will attempt to load but will ‘crash’ back to ES.

    Yes, i have try without sbi file , in english language back to ES But after I added sbi files and I play game with no problem. I played Crash Cove and wumpa cup (3 circuits with 3 laps) - no problem psx

  • can you test without any uppercase characters in files name and extensions. Then edit your .cue file and rename your binary with lowercase characters, then retry.

  • Hi thanks rockaddicted,  this has uncovered the problem. While testing the filenames naming case I discovered a typo in the .cue file in reference to the .bin file. For some reason despite the error the .bin clearly loads but the .sbi does not therefore creating the apparent problem. Correcting the typo completely resolves the problem. For the record my testing did show that filename case is irrelevant. I deeply apologise for wasting everyones time with such a stupid error. Sorry.

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    Don't worry you didn't waste anybody's time, I for one didn't knew that sbi files were mandatory in some cases, thank you for that ! Are they use only in EU games or do you know some cases where they're necessary for US games ?

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    CDDA (CD audio) only supported when .cue/.toc/.ccd/.mds files are present. There is support for redump.org .sbi files, which can be used instead of .sub files to save space (name it the same as .cue/.bin, just use .sbi extension). This is required for Libcrypt copy protected game support. https://github.com/notaz/pcsx_rearmed/blob/master/readme.txt#L60

    Since the end of 1998 Sony introduced the first protected PlayStation games in Japan (PoPoRogue). They added extra code, called LibCrypt, could detect if a Mod-Chip was being used. When it detected it then game could not be played. About 6 months later the LibCrypt protection was also used on European PAL games (Medievil) and now also US games are being protected. The LibCrypt protection uses a Digital ID (16 bit key), which is stored in the SubChannel of a CD-ROM. Until now there have been 4 different protection schemes: LC1, LC2, LC3 & LC4 Here is an overview of all currently Protected PlayStation Games: Protected Games [UK/PAL] Protected Games [JAP/NTSC] Protected Games [US/NTSC] hxxp://consolecopyworld.com/psx/psx_protected_games.shtml

  • Hi , thanks, the .sbi files are only ever necessary for games that used Libcrypt copy protection. I believe that it was only ever used on a few Euro games but not US games. Games requiring .sbi files are actually a rarity. EDIT: Ok maybe I'm wrong, maybe there have been Libcrypt US titles based on the above info !!

  • Thx guys, i didn't have the .sbi file, now it works.

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