[SOFT] Universal ROM Cleaner - Easy way to clean your Romset

  • Universal ROM Cleaner make your life easier when you need to clean a romset. He scan your files to detect each attribut between () and [] so you just have to drag&drop in the right order to sort your roms. The last version Here

    • It is in multilanguage (French/English)
    • It is easy to use (only Drag&Drop)

    **How it work : **

    1. Unzip and launch the EXE file.
    2. In the menu "File/Load Rom" select the romset directory.
    3. Sort your attributs in the left list view (What to keep first up and what is the less important down)
    4. Move in the up right list view what you don't want to keep (like 'sample', 'demo', 'bios', etc...
    5. Move in the down right list view what you don't matter (not sorted)
    6. In the "Action" menu, choose to simulate (you will have a txt file with what is keep or not) or chose to clean directly

    It's done, you have a nice Romset with only what you want Informations : Nothing where deleted, all the roms you keep where just move in a new directory named "ROM_CLEAN" Have a try and let me know if it's working for you 😉

  • Great idea, but I was unable to get it to work in Windows 10 x64 Pro. After selecting the folder to load the roms, it never loads the roms. I attempted running it in compatibility mode for Win 7 and as an administrator. Just some feedback Thanks

  • So is this more-so a sorter or does it actually change the roms themselves?

  • Hi. It's just a sorter. It doesn't change rom. For now the roms need to be in zip or 7z. Maybe it is why ot doesn't load rom.

  • Is this geared towards console ROMs?  The reason I ask is because PSP roms do actually have cleaning done to remove padding and make them more compressible by removing the useless junk.  Where-as this sorter seems to focus mainly on naming patterns.  Does it also recognize what systems the roms belong to?

  • In fact, the soft do nothing to the rom and don't care about it (it's working even if it's not rom file ^^). It just watch at attribut in '( )' or '[ ]' in the file name and allow you to sort by that attributs...

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