Has anyone been able to use MAME?

  • I haven't gotten a single MAME rom to work. Some arcade games work in FBA, but I've had zero luck with MAME!

  • Team

    Yep mame supported version is 0.37b5. Roms in this version run ok.

  • I must admit I've not managed to get any MAME games working myself. I've managed to get Metal Slug 3 & 5 working amongst others but no luck with Recalbox. I assume I'm missing something?

  • Team

    I suggest you tu use piFBA for metal slugs and all neogeo games. Use the proper rom version and bios and all is really ok. Same for Mame, with good bios it runs many games.

  • metal slug 3 and 5 don't work in mame. have to use fba with neogeo bios.

  • Yes, I can agree, there are mame roms that are working. You have really to be care about that you are looking for Version 0.37b5 roms. But I do have 0.37b5 roms which are working on RetroPie/PortaPi and do not work in Recalbox. What games are you guys trying to play?

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