[Solved][4.0.0-beta2] [Raspberry Pi 3] HDD as external storage device not stable

  • Got new raspberry pi 3 with original power supply, fast sandisk sd card and external HDD 2,5" 2TB. Choosing the HDD as external storage device on emulationstation does sometimes work, sometimes not. If it doesn't work, then the HDD is still chosen in the settings menu, but the space is shown from the sd card. The whole thing worked on a raspberry pi 2 with the hack for running the HDD without external power supply. Already tried to add "sleep 10" to the /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation, but without any luck. Checked the /boot/recalbox-boot.conf, but couldn't see anything wrong in there. Completely set up the whole thing twice with always the same result. Is there a possibility to set the "new" share in another place (like fstab in v3)? Thanks for your help.

  • I have replicated this issue using a Western Digital 1TB drive.  This is my experience. 1)  Sometimes it wouldn't look at the drive for the ROMs and reverted to the SD card. 2)  The drive became corrupted and couldn't be read by my PC (used a 'chkdsk' to resolve).  I think this was caused by Kodi to be honest. 3)  Kodi experienced serious issues with addons when using the drive 'before' installing addons.  It's best to do all the Kodi stuff on the SD card so it copies it to the drive. What I did like is the settings for Kodi and Recalbox are stored on the external drive so I can move it between Raspberry Pis  and have the same settings.   I haven't tried any other eternal hard drive, however, I am hoping to have one of those PiDrives and will test with that.  I feel it will work a lot better.

  • Did you check this workaround https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/issues/807? I use a WD 2TB without any problems now, the workaround did the trick. But I am not using Kodi on this RPi. I guess you are using a NTFS formated hdd. Mine is ext4.

  • Also, keep in mind that the RPi3 uses more power and might not be able to power the HDD without a more powerful power supply or an external power supply for the HDD.  Using ext4 or Btrfs in CoW mode is recommended for HDD due to its ability to withstand multiple reads and writes.  I use write through mode for SD.

  • I agree. My RPi3 runs with a 2,5A power supply (original).

  • I use a 3.5A adapter.  Probably overkill, but I don't have to second guess it.

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