Recalbox Frozen at second splash screen

  • I setup recalbox on an RPi 3 b+ for a friend of mine. We were adding roms to it when I noticed the low voltage symbol in the top right, and shortly after the pi froze. I had to pull the power plug from it, and after investigating, it looks like my friend had removed the USB wall plug I gave him and instead plugged it into a regular cable plugged into the front panel of his PC, which must have been the low voltage issue. Since then it won't boot past the black splash screen with Pac Man you get right before the main screen. If I turn on the pi I can still connect to it and modify files, I've made sure to backup all his roms/bios/settings.

    Is there a way to recover this installation, or will I need to blow it away and reinstall?

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    @Eccid I think it is better to reinstall, it is the best way to ensure that everything is right.
    It is for this type of situation that it is recommended that ROMS / BIOS / themes, etc., be stored on an external storage device, not on the SD card: it is much easier to redo the installation.
    See if this helps:

  • Alright, thank you for your input. I thought I might have to reset it, but wanted to be sure in case something like this happens in the future. I will definitely set it up to store roms externally.

    Thank you again.

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