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  • Hi all,
    In addition to the themes I've created for ARRM ( https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/11850/soft-arrm-another-recalbox-roms-manager/168 downwards), I've been working on a few "old / retro look" bezels in Photoshop.
    I mean, if I'm playing an old Atari 2600 game, or a ZX Spectrum game etc, a "period looking" bezel would be perfect, and that's been my aim.

    I've uploaded a few pics of my work in progress so far, and once Im happy with them in Photoshop, I will work out the config files for each.

    Old Sony tv final.png

    ezgif tv final alt.png

    kultiger final.png

    monitor7 final.png

    Old tv 02 FINAL.png

    Old tv 04 final.png

    Old tv 05 FINAL.png

    portable final.png

    portable tv 2 final.png

    RGB Monitor final.png

    14PT  final.png

    17_D final.png

    There are a few more, but, you get the point.
    All will be available to anyone who wants them 😊 👍

  • Hi all,
    Ive done about 35 ish old tv's, and, Ive figured out what most of the overlay.cfg file contents mean apart from 2 lines.

    In the example file below....

    input_overlay = "/recalbox/share/overlays/c64/c64_overlay.cfg"
    aspect_ratio_index = 23
    custom_viewport_x = "355"
    custom_viewport_y = "90"
    custom_viewport_width = "585"
    custom_viewport_height = "435"
    video_message_pos_x = "0.133333333333333"
    video_message_pos_y = "0.0638888888888889"
    input_overlay_opacity = "1.0"

    I understand everything except the 2 lines :

    video_message_pos_x = "0.133333333333333"
    video_message_pos_y = "0.0638888888888889"

    Are they actually needed?
    Viewport x and y are the start co ordinates of the emulator display, and, viewport width and height is how far across and down the emulator display is drawn, but, those other 2 - anyone know?

    Many thanks.

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    @RustyMG said in [ Recalbox 7.0+] overlays:


    I'm not sure, but if I'm not mistaken, these settings don't change the position of the overlay: it serve to change the position of Retroarch's messages.

  • Cheers Zing -thought as much due to the name "video message".

    Finished my "first go" at the "old school" overlays, and I'm not convinced a few will look good enough / are sharp enough to use on a 50" tv, so will need to do some testing, but, here they are so far.

    Again, these will be free to use for any Recalbox users 🙂

    PORTABLE 01.png

    PORTABLE 02.png

    PORTABLE 03.png

    PORTABLE 04.png

    PORTABLE 05.png

    PORTABLE 06.png

    PORTABLE 07.png

    PORTABLE 08.png

    TV 01.png

    TV 02.png

    TV 03.png

    TV 04.png

    TV 05.png

    TV 06 ALT2.png

    TV 07.png

    TV 08.png

    TV 09.png

    TV 10.png

    TV 11.png

    TV 12.png

    TV 13.png

    TV 14.png

    TV 15.png

    MODERN CRT 01.png

    MODERN CRT 02.png

    MODERN CRT 03.png

    MODERN CRT 04.png

    MONITOR 01.png

    MONITOR 02.png

    MONITOR 03.png

    MONITOR 04.png

    MONITOR 05.png

    MONITOR 06.png

  • Well, guess who has just had a portable hard drive failure, losing over a weeks Photoshop work on the above and other stuff......
    I have a 240 gig backup, and a backup of the backup, but only backup stuff every few weeks.

    Anyway, just before the crash, similar to the above, I decided to create a few bezels / overlays for the hand helds, using actual genuine pics of the consoles, instead of renders, as, who wants say a Gameboy lo-res screen stretched across your 42" or 50" tv screen.
    So, here are a few work in progress so far.
    The eagle eyed amongst you will notice I've moved a few buttons on the Nintendo handhelds to ensure they get into the picture to make it look better, and a few have had the "screen" area slightly enlarged, but every overlay IS of a genuine handheld.

    Atari Lynx alt  final.png

    Gameboy final.png

    Gameboy color 3 final.png

    GBA final alt2.png

    Sega Gamegear final.png

    NEOGEO pocket final.png

    NEOGEO pocket colour final.png

    Wonderswan handheld final.png

    Wonderswan colour final 2.png

    Will keep you updated. All the config files got lost, so that's going to be fun recreating....

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