Old Notebook HDMI proble

  • Good afternoon friends,
    I started a project for a retroemulation station, and chose the recalbox as the platform to be used.
    As my intention is to use an old notebook, more precisely a CCE ILP-332, so I had to download the 32-bit version. I proceeded with the installation and until then everything was fine. However, as stated earlier, the notebook is quite old, and it came to me as a disposal, due to a broken screen.
    With the broken screen, obviously, there is no way to play, the display is limited by the blur of the broken LCD, so the intention was to use the HDMI output of the notebook, which I was unable to do ...
    The problem is not in HDMI, because as the windows installed before I was able to send the signal through the output normally. However, I couldn't get this signal on the BIOS screen, or even with Recalbox installed.
    I even tried to remove the screen, to see if I could get an override for HDMI, unfortunately without success.
    If anyone has any light, I am extremely grateful !!

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