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Do you guys need help in dist testing?

  • Greetings Recalbox team 🙂 I bought a Raspi2 for a friend of mine who wanted to buy an snes on ebay. After he saw, that prices for i.e. Bomberman range between 50 an 100 euro, I recommended to buy a raspi for him. The actual piplay version didnt run on the raspi2, so I searched for other distributions and found recalbox. Installed, started and... wooohoooooo!! kodi included, super nice gui, same configuration menu for alle emulators. this distribution is godlike 🙂 yesterday i played some rounds mk trilogy on psx and recognized, L2 and R2 dont work. The Bug is known, but then i thought, maybe you guys could need help. Since I am able to read code, but im not really a programmer, i thought, maybe you need a tester? Does this sound interesting for you? I would write a testplan for all implemented functions to do regression testing. Yesterday i ordered a Raspi2, Xbox 360 Controller and one Xbox One Controller and a Logitech Precision Controller for myself. If you say yes, i would order a second sdcard for testing work. Greetings from Germany, Sid

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    YES ! 😉 Of course it is interesting, thank you for the idea 🙂 I'm a little overbooked right now but let's talk about that during this week. If you have ideas or work done until then feel free to tell me about that 🙂 Just to know, normally L2 and r2 should work in 3.2.8, what version are you in ?

  • I am on holidays and all my suff is @home. next week I will do some testing with my other controllers too.

  • Hi retroboy, cool 🙂 looking forward to it. I think recalbox is really the coolest gamer dist for raspberry, so I would be proud to get a chance to support your work. Regarding 3.2.8 everything works fine. Yesterday I set up my new pi2 with the latest 3.2.8 package from github and played some rounds mortal kombat on psx. everything worked fine. I didnt recognized the new version, because i already pass the pi2 for my friend on saturday and 3.2.8 hit github on sunday. greetings, sid

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