Old Smartphone in a retro console

  • Hello everybody. I have a old smartphone and I want to install recalbox on it instead of android, if it is possibile. I'm thinking of connecting it to TV via micro usb/hdmi hub. I can connect the gamepad via Bluetooth and for install I can use keyboard and mouse via micro usb hub. If anyone knows how I can do it or knows a tutorial, please write to me. I want to do this because the phone's touch screen doesn't work anymore. Thanks.

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    @dormidon It is not possible, it would be necessary for a developer to modify the entire system, add all the specific drivers for each Smartphone model, adapt each Recalbox feature according to each hardware.
    Think of it this way: not all versions of Android work on all Smartphones, precisely because manufacturers do not allocate a team of developers to do this, because it is a high cost, a lot of work, and a lot of time for that.
    Recalbox developers already have a lot of work for such a small team, there is no intention to do that.
    Compatible devices are those that can download Recalbox here:

  • @Zing Thank you. I'll try to do something else with my old phones. 😊

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    Retroarch is enough for a smartphone/tablet.
    You can run lot of systems with it.

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