Bluetooth Controller paired, seen as keyboard, can't configure.

  • Heya, first thanks to this awesome retro system and kind people helping each other. I have a problem to configure my Terios-T3 Bluetooth Gamepad. Pairing works, I see the MAC-Address of it, but can't configure it, because it's seen as a keyboard instead of a gamepad. It works with my laptop and Ubuntu both with internal HP Bluetooth as well as with the CSR BT Dongle. I see all events there, but not on the Recalbox with that CSR BT Dongle so far. So I need to manually configure this but dunno how. Thanks in advance.

  • @ebbi Hi i read your post and id like to ask about the terios t3 gamepad because I have one and it doest get recognized by my ubuntu pc. Would you be so kind to telling me what configuration has your computer -linux version and bluetooth along with the driver you use- ?
    Thank you in advanced.

  • @raultra If you had checked ebbi's profile, you'd have noticed that was his/her only post ever sinced (s)he joined a year ago. And seeing that you're totally out of topic (this is recalbox forum, not a ubuntu support forum), I'm locking this topic.

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