Scraper crashing

  • Just had a problem start last night that continues today. I've got recalbox installed on the hard drive of an older HP G56 laptop. The scraper was working fine until I loaded a whole bunch of games last night (8K+) and ran the scraper. It scraped them all but it won't run at all now. Every time I try to run the scraper it opens momentarily and then crashes emulation station to a black screen and I have to either do a hard reset or restart ES from the web GUI. I checked the logs and found this in /var/messages after trying to run the scraper. Doesn't anyone know what would be causing this?

    Jan 23 19:03:18 RECALBOX kernel: [  122.530064] emulationstatio[1193]: segfault at 200000ef ip 000000000054c24b sp 00007ffebfdb9240 error 4 in emulationstation[40a000+1e1000]
    Jan 23 19:03:18 RECALBOX kernel: [  122.530075] Code: 13 7d 00 bf 10 b2 5e 00 31 c0 e8 40 de eb ff 53 48 89 fb 48 8b 4e 08 89 ca 48 63 c1 48 8b 3e 48 8d 7c 07 ff eb 0d 48 83 ef 01 <80> 7f 01 2f 74 2d 44 89 c2 41 89 d0 41 83 e8 01 79 ea 48 8d 43 10

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  • OK it took a bit to figure it out but I had a couple of games that extracted into sub folders. Those sub folders were what was crashing the scraper. Once I fixed that the scraper started functioning correctly again.

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