[Ps1] Chrono Cross is running slowly.

  • Hello everyone,

    I have an issue with chrono cross on PS1. Upon entering a combat, the game slows down drastically for a few seconds, the sound becomes super laggy. After 3,4 seconds the game comes back to normal but it’s really anoying since it happens a lot during a game session.
    I also have a few fps drop in cities,games became very laggy once I had 3 characters in my party. I checked videos of the game running on a real PS1 and those problems don’t appear.

    Any option in retroarch I should turn on in order to solve the problem ?
    (I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+)

    Thanks a lot and Happy new year.

  • *No bios is missing and I've already tried different sets of roms/isos/bis/pbp*

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    @Drénuja Chrono Cross is a very "heavy" game. I think the problem is Hardware limitation, since Rpi3 is not that powerful (but I'm not sure, I don't have any official information, I'm just giving my opinion).
    Have you tried to install Recalbox on a flash drive and run on a PC, to test?
    The only post I found on this subject:

  • Thanks for your answear.

    That's a bit strange because I watched videos on youtube of people running bloody roar 2 at 60 Fps on the rp pi3+ (which is supposed to be the hardest game to emulate).

    I also own a RG350 which is a small handheld console (which I assume is less powerful than a pi3+ and doesn't have the same developement team behind it) and it runs the game perfectly.

  • Yes, but at what internal resolution is it being rendered at (on my Pi4 I render the PSP and PSX at x2 so they are much much sharper), and, is frame skip on etc? So many settings that can enhance frame rates beyond belief 👍

  • When I enable Frameskip from the Retroarch menu (I can chose from 1 to 3 if I remeber correctly) the games runs VERY slowly. It does the absolute opposite.

    Where can I change the internal resolution ? Is it the one in the Select menu( when you are in the Recalbox menu) or is it inside the retroarch menu ?

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • I managed to make the game run faster buy emulating the emulator (not the Raspberry, the option in the retroach menu). Everything looks smooth and fluid EXCEPT the combat transition. The sounds become super laggy, the games runs at about 3 fps during 4 seconds. It's really anoying and messes up the experience. Any fix to this problem ?

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