Hatari and controllers

  • Hello all,

    I'm a new Pi user and have just set up recalbox - looks great so far.
    I've added a tos/bios file and a couple of Atari ST ROMs in the right places. However, when I start a game, it runs - but the controller is not recognised as a joystick (I'm using a Xbox 360 wireless controller). Some buttons work (launching the hatari menu, producing a ghost keyboard overlay) but nothing else. I have tried changing the joystick options in (in game) hatari menu, but no options are available.

    Has anyone any advice they can share on setting this up right?

    Many thanks in advance

  • @Beefington,

    If you search the forums there are a few threads on the same subject. The gist is not all games on Atari ST use controllers and the ones, once you're in the game you need to make sure there is a joystick configured. go in to the menu and make sure a joystick is being seen.

  • @sroach many thanks. I'll dig around, but think it's a quirk of some ROMs. Buggy Boy, which is a pure joystick game just won't respond to any input other than keyboard.

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