Tearing with Raspberry Pi4

  • Hello Recalboxers, i found out that the tearing is a problem of the Raspberry Pi 4 itself, not a Problem of Recalbox or of my TV.
    For those who don't know what I am talking about: there are horizontal stripes seen in the middle of the screen, especially when games are scrolling horizontally (e.g. Street Fighter II).
    Even in the menu of Kodi, this is a big issue while there isn't a problem while watching a video.

    What I am asking for... Is there anyone who has found a solution for this yet? Via google I find a lot of people who try to fix this in Rasbian (I haven't used this yet so don't know what it is) or Retropie, but yet I am looking for Recalbox user with the same problem.

    I mean, if there is a fix someday... will it be in the recalbox image for rpi4 or do I have to install/fix this separately (if so... how you do that on a recalbox system?)... ?

    Maybe some of you remember when I tried to describe this when I noticed this in Super Street Fighter II Turbo in mame. some people said "bad rom" but no, it is indeed the new flagship of the raspberry pi creators. 😞

  • Yeah I definitely experienced that too with the Pi4 but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere so it is possible the recalbox team is not yet aware of this problem (it is not that noticeable if you don’t pay attention).

  • Same problem at home on pi4. Tearing in kodi menu. Video plays fine without tearing. No problem with game emulation.

  • THANKS A LOT for answering, I think the RPi4 - Users have to make everyone aware of that, so a fix can be provided soon.
    And to all Rpi3 users - you should probably wait if you don't want to experience the same as we do.

    @cdtpepette my main problem is indeed KODI, but I also have hard times with Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but probably because I play that excessively and not just for a couple of minutes.

  • I had this problem on the games too but I found the solution by going to the Retroarch interface. From there, you have to go to setting, video, video synchronization and and activate the option "synchronize at the exact frequency of the content (G-sync, Freesync), since then no more worries. On the other hand, for Kodi, I do not know.

  • @lucinda THANK YOU VERY MUCH - i will try that out right now! 🙂

  • @neo207 I hope your problem is solved, at least for me it worked. Previously, I had tearing problems especially on dreamcast, atomiswave, naomi games.
    The tearing was visible, especially at the bottom of the screen. The problem can be seen on kodi too, by scrolling in some menus but I have not found the solution for the moment.

  • the tearing seems solved in the games (i haven't had enough time to play during the holidays), thank you very much. if you find out how to solve the kodi-tearing-problem, PLEASE let me/us know here.
    kind regards

  • could this be a Theme/Skin-Problem? Any user who has found out something yet?

  • @neo207 Except for the occasional discussion on Discord where some people suspect it's a video driver problem, there does not seem to be much mention of this anywhere so I just filled up an issue in the bug tracker here to make sure the devs are aware of it. Hopefully they'll be able to sort this out in a future version!

  • Developer

    Hi all!

    As this issue is confirmed by many persons, I will take a look at what we can do and proceed to tests.
    So for instance, RA can be configured to enable vsync. For kodi, no solution so far.

    One issue has been opened here: https://gitlab.com/recalbox/recalbox/-/issues/1515


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