PSX Games - Right way of putting them on my share?

  • Dear Members and developers,

    I am currently building my new Recalbox 7.0 and I wonder (as this has always been a problem for me) how do I have to prepare my PSX roms the best possible way?

    Currently I have them as RAR archives on my hd. I noticed, if I extrect them to a folder, I sometimes have 2 or more "games" appearing in my Recalbox games list. I guess the reason for this is that Recalbox takes the .bin, the .cue (and sometimes even the other tracks) as unique entries and thinks it's a complete game what's simply wrong.

    So what's the right way to deal these games?

    Best regards,

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    @Tormentor667 hi
    several possibilities :

    • if your games are composed of 1 .cue file + xx .bin files, you can scrap the .cue only using a external scrapper (arrm or skraper), and enable the "gamelist only" button in the ES menu.
    • You can convert your .cue+.bin game in a .chd format (1 file) - One disc -> One .chd file.

    I suggest the second point, with a redump romset of course. .chd are compressed, and work fine. You can also found on the net a .chd redump romset if you need it.

  • This was the top answer @Scavy, very good, it works like a charm 🙂 I wonder, how do I handle multi-disc games with this method?

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    @Tormentor667 I suggest you use a m3u file to make the list of the games' disk.
    Some pictures are more usefull than words, in this example it's a 3do game, wing commander III :


    Create a txt file, rename it with the exact name of the game, only removing the "(disk x/x)" mention. Rename the .txt extension as .m3u. See above.


    Edit the .m3u file with the exact name of each disk.

    As you may noticed it, i renamed all files (except the .m3u one) with a "point ." on the front : example : .Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (USA, Europe) (Disc 1).chd.

    Why ? When i scrap, i need to scrap .chd file (monodisk) and .m3u (multidisks) files. So for Wing Commander, 5 files (4 chds + 1 m3u) files will be scrapped.

    Using the "." will create an hidden file, skraper won't scrap it 😉 All my .chd files mono-disk are scrapped and all .m3u (multidisks) ones. I have 1 game - 1 scrap 😊

  • Brilliant, thanks so much for the explanation, you rock 🙂

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    well, not so much coz i forgot to show you the .m3u file contents ^^
    Here :

  • @Scavy that's just fine, I expected the content like that 🙂 You people should really pin that information somewhere, it's a really good tutorial!

    One last question: How do I switch discs ingame? Is there a hotkey combination?

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    @Tormentor667 Yeap, open the retroarch menu (hotkey + A button on a 8bitdo pad or X on a ps3/4 pad), there is a swap disk menu somewhere, just find it ^^

  • Perfect, thanks again! Thank you so much!

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