Power script in conflict with GAMECON driver

  • Hi everyone, I'm doing a SNESPI, and I could make the snes controllers works with GAMECON driver, the controllers works fine, until I activate the powerswitch script ON OFF RESET pin 356 in recalbox.conf, when I activate the driver, just 1 controller respond correctly, the other one goes crazy, I changed the ac/dc adapter, for a better one, but nothing change, when I change the script for ON OFF pin 56, the controller works fine, I tried to change the DATA pin and remap the GAMECON driver, but nothing changed, I think it's a conflict between the GAMECON and the power script, but I dont have "know how" in editing the script or something like that.

    Someone had the same problem?

    I am realy sorry about my horrible English, but i hope someone here could help me, tks.

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    @edisson02 It's not exactly the same subject, but, see if it helps (it's in French, use google translator):

  • @Zing tomorrow night I Will try change the reset PIN, because when its just the "on off switch", they work great, Just to be clear, when the Power script on off reset is activated, the switch of/off, the reset button (both originals form snes) and the original led works fantastic, Just one of the controllers don't do the job properly.

  • @edisson02 i've failed and broke the script 😥

  • @Zing Tonight I'll teu again, but different, I'll Activate the script that Works well, (on off pin 56) and create a new script just for te reset button, following this tutorial:


    If It Works, i'll let you know.

  • I've failed again, cannot create a script, but I realized the problema with the controllers only happens with the "on off switch reset pin 356", I tried another script, and worked well, including the reset Button "push button reset PIN 356", bit the on off switch need to be moved twice to Power on or off my PI, the problem is somenthing especific with the script that i need,

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    @edisson02 I believe that the ideal way is to try to follow the steps that were described in the post I mentioned above, and, post here what you tried to do, as they did in the post quoted, so we can see what you did, maybe someone will give you some idea...

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