Non official recalbox installation

  • I recently bought a recalbox games console from here:


    I just found out that there is no support for this as it is not an official recalbox installation.

    What do I have to do to take out what is inside, replace it with something official, with the end result being for me to be able to play not only installed roms, but all the ones I have collected for PS1 and SNES on my external 2TB portable drive. To date I have bought 2 consoles and they have both been duds. I don't want to waste a perfectly good cabinet with LED lighting just because what is inside is crap. Could someone please point me in the right direction, maybe give me an idea of how much this will cost me, and if I can buy one "ready to go" with SD card and games, and the ability to use my portable external drive to play the 500GB+ of roms I have collected as well as what comes with it. Thank you.

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    if I can buy one "ready to go"

    Nobody here on the forum will tell you a place to buy everything ready because buying and selling is illegal, the Recalbox system is distributed free of charge, and when you pay someone for it, you are undervaluing the effort of an entire team that does it voluntarily, and even provides free support.
    You have already been told in the other topic that you originally opened: buying and selling is illegal and this forum is not supported. Why do you insist on this point? If you don't want to be banned permanently, never suggest it again.
    Do you want official support? Install the system officially: Do It Yourself.
    Installing Recalbox is very simple:
    Download the official image corresponding to your hardware here:
    Burn to the SD card using Raspiberry Pi Imager, or Etcher or Win32DiskImager, or Rufus, or any other program that serves this purpose.
    Put the SD card in the Rpi, turn it on, and wait for the first boot until the end.

    See the official tutorials here:

    There are hundreds or even thousands of unofficial tutorials that you can easily find on google and youtube, it is not that difficult, and this is the goal: to be so simple that you can do it yourself.

    You already spent a lot of money buying it ready and the result was bad, yet you were willing to spend more money. Why don't you take advantage and donate to the Recalbox project? You are not obliged, but since you spent so much on those who profited illegally, it would be fair to donate to the team of developers who didn't charge anything and didn't earn anything ...

    On the right side of the forum there is a link to Paypal in case you want to support this project.

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