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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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ROM-Repository idea / Sourcecode docu / More supported controllers

  • Hello, yesterday I discovered this really nice idea of an All-In-One console by recalbox. Unanswered questions I couldn't find in the FAQ: 1) Is there any documentation of the sourcecode? 2) Are more supported controllers by the system planned? Like Steam Controller, Logitech Controllers, N64-/SNES-USB-Controller (cheap on eBay)? The Virtual Gamepads (https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Manual-(EN)#virtualgamepads) work over a WebView, in the Smartphones browser. That will not lead to the best reaction of the system to user input, time delay etc. Are more virtual Gamepad graphics from other controllers planned? 3) Rapsberry Pi 2 has four USB slots, if too much of them are used (e.g. WLAN dongle), can I plug in an USB-Hub or does that make any problems? 4) Is it possible to split the screen in more sections and drill games up the playercount? At the moment, four is the limit? 5) Recalbox requires a FAT32 formated filesystem. By itself, this filesystem only allows a max. filesize of a bit more than 2GB. Will this be changed in the future? Because, if I run Kodi from Recalbox, and have some movies on the SD Card, the filesize of one movie easily rises above 2GB. Future 4K movie-files reach 10-20GB. 6) Coding plugins for recalbox seems not possible right now? To the ROM-Repository idea: It would be a nice feature, if I can enter one or more URLs to a server, which stores ROM-files. If I search a new game, I can simply do it internal in RecalBox. Scenario: - Recalbox is running - Add ROM-Repository sources to the ROM-Manager - Start ROM-Manager - Enter searchterm for a game - ROM-Manager searches the repos - Game(s) found (maybe grey out incompatible games, if hardware not sufficient...) - Click on download installs the game - Before downloading, the ROM-Manager checks for e.g. with a MD5-Hash value the romintegrity for security reasons... What do you think? Greetings

  • 1.) Sourcecode is documented on github https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os  fully open source project, it uses some dependencies like emulation station and others but those are all on github as well and listed on the dependencies page.   2.) Support for controllers comes as the devs get their hands on controllers.  If it does not work out of the box with something like a standard ps3 driver and requires adjustment just because of the nature of recalbox no access to apt natively.  But you can defenitely checkout the mini howto page to look at using things like JSTest.  You can look at the log files like /var/log/messages and look on the issues page to see if someone has posted a request for support for that controller or ask.  I have seen some of the devs offer to build support in if someone was to send them the controller.  Since they really can't get their hands on one of each type.   So as a community we should do a better job of enabling them to help us.   I have a few controllers I was going to try to send to them and a mayflash.  But if you want to see support move forward engage in the github issues tracker. 3.) Usb Hubs are both supported and recommended.   Works just like any other raspi though need to make sure it is a powered USB hub.   4.) Can you be more specific I know you can set gameboy to split screen.  But most 4 player games are one single screen with all players rendered.  Maybe goldeneye and a few other  N64 multiplayers have 4 splits.   Which emulator and which games are you talking about?  I know that you can edit recalbox.conf from the webui and enale as may controllers as you want though the most players I think you can get in something would be Xmen 6 player version.   5.) Recalbox 4.0.0 Beta uses Ext4 so no more need for fat32  the installation should change everything around so the partitions created are properly /ext4   6.) Define plugin, recal box is a buildroot release so adding a package and with the read only file system yea it can be a little precarious but you can recompile yourself, and commit pull requests upstream in github that is the proper channel to add functionality to recalbox.   There is an API so theoretically easy to create web tool plugins to do different things but I am still searching for full api documentation.   7.) While a cool idea for legality reasons will probably not be picked up by the recalbox dev team. I know kodi has a plugin internet archive manager or something that is trying to do the same thing but all my testing of it has been shit.  And that is all well for small nes and snes roms but for big boys like sega cd, psx, dreamcast, saturn, just not going to work well to much bandwidth.  I mean theoretically if they were to add some form of Cloud connector which allowed for the rom directory to be configured as Amazon S3 or Rackspace Openstack Swift Storage you could upload your own roms to those diretories but in those scenarios you are opening yourself up to more risk.  So probably best we kind of keep that part on the user but that is just my opinion.

  • Hey @andro Quite many questions, i'll give you some answers ! 1. check https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os that's our other homeland 2. we need users feedback for controllers. When a controller works whereas it wasn't listed, leave a message here or contact a dev on IRC, we can add it for automatic config in a later recalbox release 3. USB hubs work fine 4. it's an emulator feature, not a recalbox feature 5. Recalbox supports ext4 (which is strongly recommended), FAT32 and NTFS. Give a try to v4.0.0 beta1, it has some nice features like USB mounting for roms 😉 Haven't tried yet exFAT, but linux supports it 6. what kind of plugin would you expect ? The ROM repository is a nice idea, of course, but subject to copyright lawsuits ... so no, sadly, we can't link such repositories

  • Thank you very much for your replies. 1. Thanks, but either I'm stupid or there is no documentation of the classes itself like in a Javadoc? 4. And the emulators are just added - nothing more - by recalbox-dev-team? 5. Nice. Maybe someone with magical powers can edit that shocking part from http://www.recalbox.com/diyrecalbox Step 02? 6. Hm. Hard to guess what ideas spread from peoples minds. Maybe someone codes a SavefileToTheCloud feature? Another one maybe a Twitch-like streaming module? I don't know. The ROM repo idea should not lead to copyright lawsuits, because URLs to remote repos aren't integrated in recalbox by default. Recalbox has nothing to do with hosting a ROMrepo Server. The users can add them, and what the a user does is his responsibility. Hope you understand what I mean. It should be just an abstract model that gives the opportunity. But huge files may be a real problem as long as cablespeed is as slow as now.

  • 1. Github is standard, if there is something specific you are confused about the best resource and place to get clarification is in IRC which you can find the link for in the top bar. 4. It is a buildroot release, so the public edition is managed by the recalbox devs.  They maintain te installed packages and emulatores, if you want to modify it yourself totally possible just use https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Compilation-%26-Modifications-(EN) 5.  No need to edit that document as nothing changes, the partition should be fat32 at the start, the installation process wll modify the partitions as they are needed.  And the only directory that stores files is /recalbox/share which is a ext4 partition. 6. Dropbox saves are enabled in Retropie and I believe there is a request on github to add that into recalbox. While I personally have no issues with the downloading of roms the recalbox team is not going to open themselves up to that kind of risk. For example even linking to a roms location on the website is against forum rules as it should be so a world in where they provide a module in order to repo access roms is pretty much as likely as hell freezing over 🙂  Just going to have to keep with the tried and true google and torrent it yourself even if it is a minor hassle.

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