raspberry pi with 7.0.1 - problems with kodi and getting online

  • 7.0.1. Kodi is not connected to the "remote server" ? Any help on how i can get online with KODI? kodi works on smartphones, tv, firestick and pc here but the raspberri pi with recalbox does not scrape anything at all.
    any help? can`t find a way to check online status in kodi but recalbox says i am online, and the FritzBox says my PI is online.

  • i somehow managed to become online but the scraper is a bit different whereas my movies are scrapped correctly on pc or on firestick but i have a lot of false scrapes on recalboxes kodi... i have "de" as preferred language for tv shows but normally, you can change more details but on raspberry pi, i only have this one option.
    any help possible ? can i have the same kodi version as on firestick and on pc?

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