Network Status says 'Not Connected'

  • This is a weird one... I tried updating to 7.0 and noticed the network status read 'Not Connected' even though I had a wifi connection and was able to connect via network like always. It was bugging me and I was having issues w/ the scraper grabbing anything, so I figured it was bc of no connection.

    After a few hours of troubleshooting, I reinstalled my last 6.X image and noticed the network status there also said 'Not Connected.' Same thing -- could connect fine via network share. Also, I loaded up Kodi and realized it definitely had an internet connection as it was pulling the latest local weather in my area.

    So not quite sure what's going on here... does network status ping a server that's currently not up/active? It seems like a false error, but then again, I'm also unsure as to why the scraper was not working on 7.0...

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    @RetroDude78 this is a bug, it has been fixed in the next 7.01, for tomorrow.

  • @ian57 Oh great, good to know! Are there bugs w/ the scraper as well? I tried adding roms for a few systems to test out, but no info was fetched for any of it whereas they all worked perfectly on 6 and prior.

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    @RetroDude78 Our dev arehave been working on the internal scraped, problems have been reported with remote servers but not with the scraper itself... please try again 🙂

  • @ian57 I'll give it a shot... Was there supposed to be an update notice on 6 allowing for an online update for 7 within Recalbox -- or its it like 6 where you could only do a fresh install? Asking since I never got any kind of notice for a 7.0 update.

  • @RetroDude78 7.0 is a fresh install only, no update is available to go to this version from any previous version.

  • @Pitch64 Cool, thanks -- that's what I thought. As much as I get excited for new versions of these things, the thought of having to redo it all again can be so daunting!!

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