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Moonlight on Recalbox 7 behave strange

  • Since yesterday i try to make moonlight work, but now i think i dont know what i can do else.

    Pairing works fine, but if i want to start the stream, the rpi4 just cuts off the hdmi signal. On my PC, the Game i want so stream starts, but my TV remains black.

    If i restart ES over the webinterface,TV turns back on and i can see the steam, but now i have the menu-music from ES in the background and i think, i controll the stream and ES parallel.

    I can stop ES, but then after 20 seconds the stream stops.

    What i tried so far:

    Update Geforce Experience and NV-drive to the latest. Before that i used GFE 3.12 and an older NV-Driver, but the result is the same. So i guess this isnt the reason.

    Now i reverted everything back to 3.12, so that my RPI3 can stream.

    If anyone could help me, let me know 🙂

  • Tester
    Global moderator

  • @Zing I appreciate your effort, but this is my own post xD.

    Additional information: I deleted everything from nvidia with the DDU uninstaller.

  • I did a fresh install of recalbox 7.0.1 but i have the same problem 😕

  • OK, i have some new results after a day of testing:

    Recalbox-Version 7.0.1

    Moonlight works with the newest Nvidia driver and Geforce Experience v. (everything greater that Version dont work yet)

    You can download the official release here:

    So there is still the Problem with "no hdmi signal until i restart emulationstation via web frontend" ...maybe it could be fixed if moonlight embedded get bumped to v. 2.4.11

    ...but for now i have to live with it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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