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"Tremolos" sound with Mame - Recalbox 7

  • Hello all,
    I have a sound problem with Recalbox 7 in Mame.
    Some "tremolos" and bad quality of sound.
    In Recalbox 6.1, I already have the same problem and I had fix it with enable in Retroarch Settings/Legacy /Hard GPU Sync.

    Here, in this version 7, this option is already turned on.
    And I try all settings while hours. I've got always tremolos in sound in all game with Mame.
    I try all emulators versions. Same boat.
    I going crazy with with problem. Any ideas ?
    Thanks by advance and sorry for my poor english.

  • I forget this: I use Intel NUC with HDMI out

  • Tester
    Global moderator

    @Le-Commandant I have no way to test it now with the new version, but, I already had an audio problem on an x86 PC, with a previous version of Recalbox, and I solved it as follows:

    • Start a game from the emulator in question (MAME);
    • enter the retroarch menu (hotkey + B);
    • Go to Settings;
    • Driver;
    • Audio resampler driver;
    • Change the value from "sinc" to "CC"
    • Save;
    • Close;
    • Restart;
    • Test.

  • Thx for your answer. But unfortunately, nothing change with this setting.
    Strange, I even try with other Romset, other version. Same problem.
    I think I try all settings in Audio and Latency options.
    Always sort of sound vibrations making mame unplayable.
    I can not even try an other Audio out, on my Nuc there is only HDMI audio out. I going crazy with this problem.
    Thx again for try 🙂

  • @Le-Commandant said in "Tremolos" sound with Mame - Recalbox 7:

    tremolos" and bad quality of soun

    I have the same issue with a NUC i3 - D34010WYK.
    I didn't try with the analog output.

  • Global moderator

    before scan your romset with clrmampro with dat/xml file in /bios/mamexxxxx

    1 romset = 1 emulator

    MAME => mame 0.78 : core mame2003 (toutes boards, par défaut)
    FINAL BURN NEO + Neo Geo => fbneo : fbneo + neogeo (toutes boards)
    mame + atomiswave + naomi + naomigd => mame 0.220
    Alternatives, en changeant le core par défaut :
    mame 0.037b5 => core mame2000 (pi0/1, pi2, pi3, pi4)
    mame 0.106 => core advancemame (??)
    mame 0.139 => core mame2010 (toutes boards sauf pi0)
    mame 0.160 => core mame2015 (toutes boards sauf pi0)
    mame 2003plus (mix 0.78-0.188) => core mame2003plus (toutes boards)
    romset fba => pifba (pi0/1, pi2, pi3)

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