Issues migrating liveUSB to larger volume

  • So I originally ran my RecalBox from a persistent 16GB USB flash drive. Works great, but now I am of course needing a bit more space as I've begun trying out Saturn games. I used ImageUSB to create a BIN image of my current recalbox drive, then I in turn wrote that to a 32GB drive I have on hand. I then plugged it into a Ubuntu box and used gparted to extend the unallocated space.

    After booting back into Recalbox I got an "Uncompression Error - System Halted", which I assume is resulted from the partition extension somehow screwing up the boot. So next I started over and this time checked the "extend" box within imageUSB, but the imaging failed, so 3rd try.

    Started over once again and this time did not extend yet, and instead tested booting drive partially boots but gets stuck at the recalbox loading screen with the pac-man ghosts. Left it here a good 20 minutes to no avail.

    My original source drive still works fine, but not sure what the issue is since this is a cloned image, in theory it should work exactly the same. I may test with a different USB drive to rule out the hardware, but did I do this right? Did I miss a step somewhere?

  • Hmm, may have been a problem with the USB drive. Used a different one (of same size, 16GB) and it worked fine. Guess I will keep trying different ones.

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