Recalbox with RetroFlag Case and SafeShutdown

  • Hey there,

    I recently bought a new Raspi 3B+ and a NesPi Plus case from RetroFlag.
    To setup the system for using the safe shutdown functionality of the case, they provide some scripts. One of them for use on RecalBox systems.

    Unfortunatly this script seems old and unmaintained, no longer working with current RecalBox releases.
    Due to missing sudo and apt package manager, it cannot install required libs for the script.
    I already opened an issue, but no reaction so far.

    Is here anyone using this case with RecalBox and Safe Shutdown?
    How did you achieve this?
    Is there maybe a working configuration with the system.power.switch setting in recalbox.conf?

    Thank you for any hint and answer on this topic.


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    Uncomment good line in recalbix.conf

    # ------------ A - System Options ----------- #
    #    Uncomment the system.power.switch you use
    ;system.power.switch=ATX_RASPI_R2_6      #
    ;system.power.switch=MAUSBERRY           #
    ;system.power.switch=REMOTEPIBOARD_2003  #
    ;system.power.switch=REMOTEPIBOARD_2005  #
    ;system.power.switch=WITTYPI             #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN56ONOFF          #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN56PUSH           #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN356ONOFFRESET    #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN356PUSHRESET     #

  • Ok, but which one(s)?

  • @qroac

    I just did mine a couple weeks ago and it took me awhile to figure how to do it but all I did was follow the instructions from retroflags website.

    scroll down and you'll get to the instructions for recalbox mistake before was i started downloading and tried to install the script through the config page, didn't work.

    follow the instructions step by step.... and you'll need to plug in a keyboard to your raspberry and not to the case

    for RecalBox:

    Make sure internet connected.
    Make sure keyboard connected.
    Press F4 first. And then press ALT-F2 enter termial.
    User: root Password: recalboxroot
    In the terminal, type the one-line command below(Case sensitive):
    wget -O - "" | bash

    that last line make sure you type that whole thing

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    @qroac system.power.switch=PIN356ONOFFRESET

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