Controller freezes or loses connection when entering retroarch menu

  • I'm using an 8bitdo SF30 Pro controller as well as a PS3 pad.

    Everything works fine when I start up a game, but as soon as I enter the retroarch menu by pressing hotkey + B, the controller freezes. It does not lose the connection, but no button shows any reaction anymore.
    When I then disconnect the controller and connect it again, it does work again, but not correctly. When I press up/down to choose an option, it does not go to the next menu item but skips five or six of them at a time. So the menu is unusable.
    When I exit the menu, the controller freezes again.

    Do you guys have any idea what is causing this and if I can do anything to solve it?
    It was working fine in earlier versions before 6.0. I'm now using 6.1.1 on a 3B+.

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    you need to use last firmware.
    Do you use android mode ?

  • Hello,
    yes, the current firmware (1.33) is already installed.
    I start it using Start + B, which means Dinput mode. That's the one which was working fine before.

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