Retro-bit bluetooth 8button sega genesis controller not transitioning to retroarch

  • Hi! Thanks for the development work to make recalbox. Its been great. Ive been using xbox360, ps3 and wired xbox360 controllers which work awesome. I much prefer the recalbox interface and layout to retropie. I just started having issues when I tried to pair this [bluetooth retrobit genesis controller](Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Bluetooth Controller 8-Button Arcade Pad for Android, PC, Mac, Steam - Clear Blue

    I was having pairing and configuration issues in emulation station for a few days and finally got it to pair and configure by adding a udev rule. It works smoothly in emulation station.

    Now it appears to causing issues handing off to configgen or retroarch. When i choose a genesis game (SF2) from emulation station, the screen goes black and stays black until i turn off my retrobit controller. The game will load. I then turn on the retrobit controller and it pairs but the button config is wrong and most of the buttons dont work. The home/hotkey+A also doesnt do anything. If i plug in a 2nd wired controller, i can enter the retroarch menu (hotkey+A) and correct the button mapping for the retrobit controller but it seems to have no effect and half the buttons dont work at all.

    Any hints on how to fix the blackscreen/retroarch not starting issue (w/o turning the controller on and off) and how to correct the button mapping? Any help is appreciated.


  • Forgot this. Using RPI3b and recalbox 6.1.1

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