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Console Games in the Arcade Cabinet?

  • So how does everyone handle emulation of your console games in the cabinet. I see videos of folks with 6TB+ images with every generation of console listed. A single stick and 6 buttons doesn’t work for home games past what the Sega genesis?

    I’m building out plans for a cabinet build with a buddy and it clicked I don’t have enough buttons and the games are made to use a controller... so what am I doing...

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    @sheldonmenez connect full size controllers to play those consoles.

  • CRT Hero

    @sheldonmenez When building a cabinet, i wouldn't recommend relying only on builtin controls, the other common issues you might encounter :

    • no analog controls
    • weird layout for specific games (good luck playing mario kart or f-zero without triggers)
    • not enough controls for games that support 3+ players
    • a friend came playing and he prefers gamepad

    So yeah, you should definitely make plans for external controllers.

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