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PiSNES fullscreen since last update 6.1.1-Dragonblaze

  • Hi,
    i recently updated Recalbox to last version (6.1.1), and SNES emulator is now running full screen on my TV so it is deformed to 16/9 format.
    Is there a way to have a classic 4/3 native format on PiSNES like before ?

    i added snes.ratio=4/3 to recalbox.conf, but it's not working

    any ideas ?

  • Global moderator

    Hello @bmjob
    check my post on https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/18795/gpi-case-pisnes/9

    recalbox on PI0W on TV ?

  • Hello @acris

    i modified "MaintainAspectRatio" inside /recalbox/share/system/configs/pisnes/snes9x.cfg like this:

    (it was =0 at the beginning)

    but when i run the snes emulator, MaintainAspectRatio is restored to MaintainAspectRatio=0, and emulation stays full screen at 16/9 format

    i also tried to delete the line MaintainAspectRatio=X
    and it is also restored to MaintainAspectRatio=0 just after snes emulator is started

    PS: i use recalbox on Raspberry pi 1 B, on TV through it's HDMI port, it works well thanks to the overclocking

  • Global moderator

    modify to /share_int/system/configs/pisnes/snes9x.cfg and mount partition as write

  • @acris do you mean: /recalbox/share_init/system/configs/pisnes/snes9x.cfg ?

  • Global moderator

    Yes indeed

  • Hi @acris

    i created a file snes9x.cfg inside /recalbox/share_init/system/configs/pisnes/ like this:




    but it's still not working, snes emulator stays full screen 16/9

    Instead, i looked for what was forcing MaintainAspectRatio to 0 inside /recalbox/share/system/configs/pisnes/snes9x.cfg
    and i found this script /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/configgen/generators/pisnes/pisnesGenerator.py containing:

        # Full screen settings
        key = "integerscale"
        intScale = key in system.config and system.config[key] in ('1', 'true')
        config.setOption(self.SECTION_GFX, "MaintainAspectRatio", '1' if intScale else '0')

    i changed the last line to this: config.setOption(self.SECTION_GFX, "MaintainAspectRatio", '1')
    so it forces MaintainAspectRatio=1 in the /recalbox/share/system/configs/pisnes/snes9x.cfg config file

    it works perfectly, snes emulator is now at 4/3 format

    i hope this will help

  • Tester

    @bmjob , Hi

    Your workaround is good but will be erased with each update.

    A safer way could be to use "surcharges" (in french). You can find explanations here : https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/18803/tuto-les-surcharges-mais-avec-vous (in french but google translate can help you)

    Shortly :
    First : Create a text file called .recalbox.conf (with the point at start of the name) into your /roms/snes directory. Inside this file create a line like pisnes.configfile=/recalbox/share/system/configs/pisnes/my_own_snes9x.cfg
    I have a doubt : pisnes.configfile=... or snes9x.configfile=... @Fishou , @Bkg2k or @acris could confirm.
    Next and last : Create the file my_own_snes9x.cfg where indicated in the previous file with, inside, the same stuff as the original file except your modded MaintainAspectRatio.

    This file will takeover in place of the generated one.

    As both files are into your share directory, they will stay after updates.

    You could even put the file my_own_snes9x.cfg into your /roms/snes directory (and change the path in the first file). In such a way, if you do a copy of your /bios /roms and /saves folders, for security or for a fresh install, your mod will follow.

    I've done it for piFBA in my GPI-case for the same problem of aspect ratio and it works well.

  • Tester

    I think it's snes.configfile=/path/to/your/modded/file

  • Hi @loak

    true, i didn't think about the updates...
    i will try your method as it looks to be more clean


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