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combine ps3 and recalbox - help needed

  • Hello,

    Last summer, with my kids we realised our project to build a bartop together. It was fun but as a result, I am mainly the one to play with it as my kids don't feel my nostalgia for retro gaming.

    I decided to put some muscle in the bartop in the form of a ps3 cfw. It is not finished but it start to look so good. Only bad point, I had to unplug my recalbox to do that.

    So here is the new project idea : How to combine both the ps3 and the recalbox within the same bartop and easily switch from the first to the second and back ?

    The thing is I don't picture a good solution yet and would like to receive your suggestions for it.

    The issue I face so far are :

    • connect my joystick controler to both system. I use a xin mo controler card so the signal output is in usb.
    • command the start of the ps3 : with recalbox, the powerswitch on the bartop was starting everything. With a ps3 you need to start the bartop and then the ps3. Can I do that from the recalbox ?
    • Audio and video source selection : I need to be able to select wich system I want to use at some point. The same, can I do that from the recalbox ?
    • Audio and video source connection as a result of the previous point

    I hope some of you can give me suggestions, I am willing to share advancement and pictures along the road so it may help the community

    Best regards, Trantkat.

  • Staff

    @trantkat audio and video can easily be managed with a hdmi selector switch.

  • Thanks, I took a look but I didn't find the right model : from both system I send video from HDMI and the audio separatly as it is going to the bartop speakers.

    Idealy, I would need a unique selector to switch in the same time both video in HDMI, audio in rca for speakers an why not the power ;)

    It sound quite specific , any suggestions or ideas are welcome 🤣

  • Staff

    @trantkat there are hdmi selector switches with audio extractors (arc or something like that).

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