Wii U Pro Controller Clone won't connect. Recalbox 6.1

  • Hello,

    i've bought an Wii U Pro Controller Clone but i can't get it to connect.

    First i've tried to connect it to the internal Bluetooth of the Raspberry Pi 3.
    After that i disabled the internal Bluetooth in the config.txt with dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt and tried to connect it with
    a Bluetooth Dongle but again no Connection.
    I've read somewhere that these Wii U Pro Clones only work with a Bluetooth Dongle and not with the internal.

    On Amazon where i bought it, someone said in his rating that he got the controller to run with Recalbox 4.0.2 but only with
    a Bluetooth Dongle. (I don't know if he also disabled internal bluetooth)
    I'm running Recalbox 6.1, maybe something changed.

    Does anyone in this Forum got any luck with these Wii U Pro Clone Controllers and got them to connect?
    I really would like to keep them because the are well made for the price.


  • My Controller looks exactly as shown in this older topic: link
    He said in german that he could connect it, but mine won't.

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