XBox One controller activation - solved with alternative solution

  • Based on this reddit post here I found an alternative solution to disable ERTM in order to allow XBox One controller to work with my Recalbox.

    This works for:

    • Recalbox 6.0 Dragon
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
    • Xbox One Controller Model 1708 (the one I bought to use on Windows 10 with the USB dongle that comes with it).

    The USB dongle packaged with my controller is not recognized by the Recalbox OS in any way, so like me you need to disable ERTM and pair the controller directly through Bluetooth.

    You need a USB keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi so you can run the following steps:

    1. Plug your HDMI cable to your Recalbox RPI and your HDMI cable - plugged into your monitor/TV;

    2. turn on your Raspberry Pi 3 with Recalbox

    3. Let it start and go to the main menu

    4. Press F4. It will close emustation and show the open screen/logo

    5. Press ALT + F2 to enter login menu. Login using user root and password recalboxroot

    6. Remount your root filesystem with the command mount -o remount,rw /

    7. DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY AFTER OPENING VI. WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTRUCTIONS. Use command vi to create a new file with the command vi /etc/modprobe.d/bluetooth.conf

    8. Beware of the vi steps: first, press the letter i (lowercase) to ender Insert mode.

    9. Type in the first line this text: options bluetooth disable_ertm=Y

    10. Then press this sequence of keys: <ESC> <ESC> :wq

    11. on the bottom of the vi it will show only the sequence :wq in lowercase. If is written like that, you can just type <ENTER>. (<ESC> key typed twice ensure that you'll be sending a command to vi. The : character is the vi directive, so w lowercase is to write and q lowercase is to quit after writing.

    12. After exiting vi, show the contents of the new file with cat /etc/modprobe.d/bluetooth.conf. If the output prints a single line containing
      options bluetooth disable_ertm=Y
      then you're good to go.

    13. Just type the command reboot and wait the Recalbox to restart.

    Next, after reboot, go to the Controller configuration menu to pair your new controller - using your keyboard until pair the new controller

    1. First, turn on your Xbox Controller pressing XBox logo for 3 seconds or more.

    2. After turned on, press and hold the Sync button of your controller (next to the USB plug) for 3 seconds until the lights begin to flash quickly. Then your controller is in "Pair mode"

    3. Enter the Recalbox Main Menu

    4. Enter Controllers Settings menu

    5. Enter Pair a Bluetooth Controller

    6. Wait for your XBox Controller to appear on the list. Then select the row with your Keyboard and press A to pair.

    7. If the controller pairs successfuly, then the message will tell you. If don't, try to turn off your controller, reboot Recalbox and try again.

    8. IMPORTANT: If you were able to pair your controller, gracefuly shutdown your recalbox to write the configurations. Go to QUIT menu and then Shutdown System.

    9. Turn on you Recalbox machine with you keyboard and go to Main Menu again

    10. go to Controller Settings

    11. And finally, go to Configure A Controller to set your new XBox One controller mappings.

    That's all!

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    You can find a simpler solution here to disable ERTM 😉

  • @bkg2k Oh, yeah!
    That's the same thing I posted. But I couldn't find it before 'cause I was searching exactly on how to make my XBox Controller to Work.

    Thank you!

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