Sega Genesis Mini 3 Button USB Controller Configuration

  • Hi! I’ve been using Recalbox for a few years now and it doesn’t everything I want it to do...very well!

    I just bought the new Sega Genesis Mini for the 2 included controllers. I really wanted the 3-button layout, but realized that there’s no mode/select button. What is my best option for saving games, exiting the emulator, etc? Should I just keep a keyboard connected for when I need to exit the emulator? I was hoping to set a button combination as the hotkey...or something similar.

    I would think that other people will eventually run into this problem. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    @xtreemsurf megadrive pad have always been a problem and always will be, not enough keys

  • @voljega

    Thanks for the input. Yes, I’m seeing that Genesis/Megadrive controllers are tough to deal with.

    I’m using ESC on the keyboard to exit the emulator, and I’m setting the option to auto save/load. Are there keyboard shortcuts to save/load states?

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    @xtreemsurf recalbox is designed to not use keyboard so no i don't think so

  • I found a solution!!!

    For anyone who also wants to use a 3 button Sega controller, there is an option in the Retroarch menu under Settings—>Input—>Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo. You can set it to Hold Start for 2 seconds to bring up the Retroarch menu.

    I’m still waiting on my controllers to be delivered, but I would imagine that I’ll also need to edit the Recalbox controller config file to remove the Hotkey from my 3 button Sega controller.

    Edit: I just tested this on another controller and it works perfectly! I set the “Hold Start for 2 Seconds” to return to menu option. I then edited the Emulation Station input config file and set the “Hotkey” button to a number higher than my controller had. I found that if I removed the Hotkey completely, Recalbox would then ask me to reconfigure the controller.

    I hope this helps someone!

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