Install recalbox to PC.

  • Installing Recalbox to my PC. Can someone please, please help me to install recalbox to Dell PC. I want to use recalbox as my OS. I dont have windows. I dont want to run recalbox from a USB. How to I install it to the PC and boot into recalbox. Finding very little out there on how to do this. Thanks.

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    @dexmalone you need to connect the hard drive somehow as a second drive on a computer running windows, linux or macOS to be able to flash the image to the drive.

  • Hi, the easier way is to have 2 computers. First one is a ´classical’ one and the second for your Recalbox. Take the hard drive from the second, Put it in a hard drive dock if you can and connect it to your first computer using usb slot else plug the drive in your first computer.
    Then use balena etcher to flash the disk using the x64 image.
    When it is done, put the flashed hard drive in the second pc, switch it on and wait until Recalbox starts.
    To add roms, bios or else use your lan.
    Your default Recalbox adress is \recalbox so you can access the shared folder.
    Hope to have helped you

  • @mattmame ok thanks for the matt. great help.

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