Lots of bugs after a long time without play and after updating to Recalbox 6

  • So, I have a Raspberry Pi 3+ and used to play normally until Dec 2018. A few weeks ago I noticed the Recalbox 6 release and flashed it as usually. But now most SNES games are buggy: some have pixelized boxes instead of normal sprites and others gets black screen. Only a couple of games are running without any error.

    How could I troubleshot this? Is there any log that I could search for?

    I'm asking this because I don't know if this was a software issue caused after updating or it is a hardware issue (my son let the RPi fall on the floor recently and I didn't like the sound it did).
    P.s.: I already tried to redownload Recalbox and reflashed.
    P.s.2: Sega MegaDrive Sonic 2 and 3 works perfectly.

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    @coutoreis ,

    Hello, you can't update from any Recalbox before v6.0 to 6.0. Too many changes. You need a fresh install.
    Updates will be back for next versions.

    https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/17011/a-lire-processus-de-mise-à-jour. Here is a post for a safe upgrade (not update) to 6.0. It's in French but Google Translate is your friend.

  • @loak so, I did the fresh install and the same errors keeps occuring. What else can I do?

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    If you did a fresh install and try with the roms and the theme provided, it may be a hardware failure.
    Try another SD card and at last an other RPI (if possible), If you have a case, Retroflag ... try without it.

    Sorry, I can't help anymore.

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    @coutoreis Hi, my snes romset works perfectly from former version to the latest. If you did a fresh install, try the different cores and see if your problem is solved or not (give us a feedback).

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