Black screen when exiting games - RB.6.0

  • Hi folks.

    I can see when looking around the forum that this has been an issue before. Hope someone can help.

    Basically I've tried 2 different SD cards, fresh installs on both, same results. I get everything copied over and it seems to be OK. But then I notice that when exiting games the slide animation that returns you to the menu becomes quite laggy. Another game or two later and then I'm dealing with the black screen when I try to exit a game. I have to pop the reset button to restore things.

    I should say I'm using a Mega Pi case with the safe shutdown script installed, with a Raspberry Pi 3b+ inside. The SD cards are Samsung and Sandisk variety, both 64GB. For new installs I have my roms plus scraped data which seems to transfer just fine. I haven't applied any overclock whatsoever, however I am going to try with one enabled see if things improve.

    Can anyone offer any advice? Very much appreciated. 🙂

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    @lumpy did you install a custom theme? How many active systems?

  • @bkg2k said in Black screen when exiting games - RB.6.0:

    @lumpy did you install a custom theme? How many active systems?

    Hi thanks for replying. No custom theme installed, but I did tailor the default one a little by making it vertical etc. Active systems are about 28. I also added some of my own music, about 30 tracks.

  • Hey! If anyone has any further ideas or needs any more info from me that would be great! 🙂 Thanks all.

  • Pardon my bumping of this topic but I think this may still be an issue for some users.

    I have discovered the solution here. It turns out that I had 4 music tracks that were sampled at 48000Hz rather than 44100Hz, and this was causing the crashes. Remedying this has fixed the problem. Hope this comes in useful (and pops up in Google searches!). 🙂

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