Black screen when leaving a game when custom BG music is setup

  • Hello,

    I have recalbox with the last ES version "EmulationStation - v 6.1.1-Dragonblaze, built Nov 13 2019 - 14:04:39" with a pi3B
    When I put my custom OGG audio file in \recalbox\share\music, it works correctly (when I start the raspberry, the music is played).
    If I start a game and then I leave the game, I get a black screen 😕
    I have to either restart the raspberry or Click on "Restart ES" in Recalbox Manager.
    If I remove all audio files from \recalbox\share\music, I don't have this issue.

    Is it a known bug or did I miss something ?


  • I fixed the issue by converting the OGG files.
    Even if they worked in BG, because they were not in 44.1Hz rate, it makes ES crash after leaving a game.
    After converting all OGG into 44.1Hz, no more crash.

    Hope that helps if you had the same issue.

    Note: thanks to "myst" from the french section for helping !

  • This is very interesting to me as I was getting crashes when exiting games too, but was unable to get any help here which resulted in me having to quit using Recalbox sadly. I notice that in my .ogg collection on my install that I have four files with a higher sample rate than 44.1Hz. I will redo these and see if it gets the system stable again.

    Thanks for posting your advice. I will post back if this works.

  • Well, just spent over an hour testing with the changes made to my background music, and yes it would seem that this fixes it! To say I am extremely pleased would be an understatement. I'm absolutely thrilled!

    Thank you for posting the solution. I cannot wait to get back to Recalbox. 🙂

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    Place your ogg files here to replace default bg music in emulationstation.
    The files must have a sampling rate of 44100Hz and shouldn't have a higher bit rate than 256 kb/s.

    Source :

  • @acris Yes I appreciate it is highlighted but it is an easy mistake to make and one that can have unexpected results. It turns out that for me that the last 4 files I'd added were the problem. I didn't even notice their sample rate. Easy mistake like I say but worth letting others know.

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