Future RPi4 RetroArch Core Support

  • Really looking forward to seeing RecalBox on the RPi4.
    Apparently, the NES Mesen emulator runs at a consistent 60fps on the new RPi4. and with its OpenGL ES 3.x support, it may even support PSX Beetle-HW! Are there plans to add Mesen, Beetle-HW, FinalBurn-Neo, and later versions of MAME to upcoming versions of RecalBox?

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    @retrofuture mesen, maybe. All other are already available emulators.
    I don‘t know of any newer mame build that work better than anyone of the ones we already have available.

  • @paradadf Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that Mesen is a possibility. However, I am a bit confused. I thought that RecalBox only supported the PCSX-ReArmed core. I was also unaware that it now supports FinalBurn-Neo and not just lr_fbalpha.

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    @retrofuture FBNeo is to be released on next version, it is not in current version

    But no beetle-hw is not supported on pi, only x86/x64.

  • @voljega Looking forward to FB-Neo. I understand that Beetle-HW cannot be supported on current hardware (RPi3 & OdroidXU4). The reason I mentioned it was that (according to a RetroPie forum) RPi4s supports Open GL ES3.x, thus making a Beetle-HW core viable. I hope this is possible, but I have little technical expertise on this topic so I thought I'd ask the RecalBox dev team whether they had plans to incorporate it in the new builds.

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