Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

[GPi Case] Recalbox 6.1 Beta 4 (pre-release) - New Public Beta!

  • @sibobbbe I fixed my issue. I just allowed my router to accept the MAC address of the GPI case and i was able to transfer over my files. Works great now.

  • @sibobbbe indeed I have tried several ps1 games on the rg300 and speed is quite decent I'd say ! I'm really surprised at the performance and the devs probably have optimized the emulator a lot. Hats off to them !
    All in all, it's my favorite emulation handheld for the moment. Ok, same cpu as the ldk for example, but ergonomics are better and the L/R buttons are very neat.

  • Compared to customized images like Supreme GPi, Recalbox isn't quite there yet in terms of performance on the GPi case.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Recalbox, I have both my home arcade and a custom mini cab running it, but this beta doesn't cut it IMHO.

    Let's give time to the devs, in a couple of weeks/months it should be as good as usual.

  • 6.1 beta 3
    My problems:
    Scummvm - no mouse steering
    Dos - don't Start - I see the Dosbox-Logo but then it goes back to ES
    I can't see my Screenshots in ES

  • Hi, after i install the image of beta 3 my screen don't show nothing after several time. I upload my config.txt, hardware log for you to know about the issue. Thanks.

  • Staff

    Beta 4 (aka pre-release) unleashed.

  • What's new in the beta 4

  • Staff

    The beta 4 is more a pre-release than a new beta.
    There is new emulators, EmulationStation optimizations, etc...
    Regarding the GPi version itself, the most important change is the sound: it should no longer saturate or suffer heavy distortion.

  • Hi team. I'm installed the new beta 4 but after install, no work the d-pad.
    Any suggestions?

  • Can't upload NES roms
    The Nes folder don't open via web manager.

    All other upload working.

  • Hi ich habe die beta 4 installiert - aber wen ich in denn System Menü sage spiel Liste aktualisieren dann bleibt im dem Schwarzen Recalbox screen Stecken. das gleiche passiert wen ich über das Menü ( Nicht immer ) Neustart oder abschalten sage. ich habe schon ein neu install versucht das problem bleibt bestehen ...... oh und beim versuch zu Scrappen kommt die sd karte wäre voll sagt man dann abrechen hängt es sich auch auf!

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