Screenscaper issue

For information, Screenscraper website is currently down. All the Screenscraper staff is aware of this issue. Until it's solved, you won't be able to scrap from Recalbox or Skraper. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Pour information, le site internet de Screenscraper est actuellement en panne. Toute l'équipe de Screenscraper est consciente de ce problème. Tant qu'il ne sera pas résolu, vous ne pourrez pas scraper depuis Recalbox ou Skraper. Veuillez nous excuser pour le dérangement.

The Recalbox Team.

Recalbox 5.0?

  • Hi, I've been using recalbox 4.0.
    And I have one joystick 8bitdo, but I can't use in version 4.0...
    How the version 6.0 have alot of bugs...
    Can somebody give me a link to download recalbox 5.0?

  • On this link you can read

    "Versioning scheme

    As you probably noticed, a few versions ago, we changed our versioning scheme: we were previously using numbers (4.0, 4.1, …) but switched to time-based version numbers (18.04.20, 18.06.27, …) rather than bumping into the 5.x branch.

    Unfortunately, time-based version numbers are difficult to read, difficult to write, difficult to pronounce. In a word: they are not friendly.

    Thus, we decided to switch back to numbered versions which are easier to use, more semantic (you know how important a version is based on its number, its release date actually provides very few useful information).

    Anyway, we consider all those date-based version to be the 5.x branch and the next stable release will thus be labeled… 6.0 🎉"


    • No RB5 (YY.MM.DD)
    • RB4 no longer supported so no longer available
      --> RB6 is the last one up to date

  • @sylgaud Oh, Ty man!

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @lfalbaneze which bugs ? 8bitdo pads work in 6.0!

  • @oyyodams In rb6.0 my rasp normally i have lag to play snes or psx

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