How to configure Recalbox 6.0 Dragonblaze for Waveshare GameHat

  • For all those who want to use Recalbox 6.0 with the GameHat, here's how to do it:
    Write the img of Recalbox 6.0 on your sdcard, then from your pc, add that parameter to the "config.txt" file at the root of the card:

    hdmi_cvt 640 480 60 6 0 0 0

    Use winscp and notepad++, not recalbox manager.
    Then connect one gamepad (wired) and fill in the wifi settings. Then via the web interface edit the "recalbox.conf" like this:

    Change statement controllers.gpio.enabled=0 to controllers.gpio.enabled=1
    Change statement controllers.gpio.args=map=1,2 to controllers.gpio.args=map=5 gpio=5,6,13,19,21,4,26,12,23,20,16,18,-1

    Disconnect the gamepad and reboot the recalbox. After the reboot push one button and configure!

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    @michael-lajoie hi, thanks! How about adding it to the wiki ? 🙂

  • @oyyodams
    Of course!

  • Hello

    I did all steps above. But L1 and R1 doesnt work. Everthing works fine, except this two buttons. What can I do? Thanks in advance.

  • OK I did find my Problem. It was my fault. Map=5 and not Map=4. Now every Button works correct.:)

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    Hi @michael-lajoie & @phoenix887
    I'm currently trying to make up my mind and i don't really know what is the best issue :

    • Pi0w with a GPi case or
    • P3b+ with a gamehat

    Is the gamehat easy to use in hands while playing ?

  • Hi @Scavy,

    here is my return of experience as I have both a P3b gamehat and some home made gameboy zero:

    • Gamehat :
      • Very easy to put together. Just plug the P3b, the battery and you're good to go.
      • P3b performance is better than pizero for emulation (especially snes, gba, ps1)
      • The buttons are very "clicky" so it either you like it or hate it. One thing for sure is that it is impossible to play discreetly 🙂
      • The form factor is good for big hand but rather cumbersome and the edges are sharp. It is possible to improve it with 3D printed cases. The same goes for the buttons that you can replace with rubber membranes based ones, but it requires soldering and 3D printing in the end.
      • the battery last around 2 hours, a bit more maybe depanding on the quality and capacity. Note that it is recommended to use a P3b instead of a P3b+ as it consumes a bit less power.
    • Gameboy zero (or GPI case):
      • the GPI case seems also very easy to assemble, but the pi zero is more limited for emulation.
      • Snes games overall does not play full speed and GBA is only playable using GPSP who is not compatible with some games (golden sun for example).
      • Battery lifetime should be more with a pizero, but will require modification of the GPI case to use rechargeable batteries with higher capacity.

    I hope it will be useful!

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    @Michael-Lajoie thanks.. effectively I havo no time now to modify the wiki page pour that. The mini howto pages are obsolete since the mk_arcade module have been completly rewritten.

  • @scavy
    If it can help you in your choice :

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    @greenalex @SuperPuissant Thanx 4 ur feedback.
    Superpuissant, vu ton pseudo j'imagine que tu es francophone. Pour le hat ce que j'aimerais savoir c'est surtout la prise en main ça m'a l'air assez cossu. Pour ce qui est des compléments imprimés en 3D, je vais oublier, pas équipé. Par contre tu me dis que c'est bruyant... Madame risque de râler si ça clique-tique à côté d'elle pendant une émission TV XD Dommage la puissance du 3b m'aurait bien plu ! En tout cas merci pour ton retour qui m'apporte quelques réponses.

  • @scavy Salut, oui sans coque 3D c'est honnĂŞtement assez dĂ©sagrĂ©able Ă  tenir en main et le bruit des boutons de base est vraiment dĂ©sagrĂ©able. C'est assez dommage car une fois moddĂ© correctement c'est une machine assez sympa a utiliser, avec une forme qui rappelle la game gear.

    Si tu es curieux, tu pourras trouver et faire imprimer des coques 3D ici:

    Pour moi let top serait un module pour le GPI permettant d'utiliser un Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, qui n'est pas beaucoup plus gros qu'un rpi zero. Esperont que ce soit possible un jour!

  • @michael-lajoie

    Thanks for the settings, unfortunately, they're not helping me with my issue.
    Do you also have the flickering/tearing in some games?

  • @diehardman Hi, my apologize for the delay... I’ve recently broke down the screen of my waveshare 🙄. But before I never had this screen problem. It’s very strange.

  • Thanks for the detailed params !
    Just bought a discounted Waveshare GameHat for an unused pi3b+.

    I also updated the wiki ( with these precious informations.

  • Hello, I just updated my gamehat with the 6.1, and the control are not correct, I can't use the select button, when I try to map it, then it go back the previous line (in the pad mapping utility)

  • Hi @cissou!

    I'm having the same problem as you; I can't map the "Select" button (when I click it, goes like a page up) and, when I started the controller configuration wizard (holding a button when Emulationstation starts), I noticed that my Recalbox is recognizing 2 controllers, not one.

    How did you fix it? I didn't saw the solution in the link you passed. Just to isolate the problem, I tested with the Waveshare image (Retropie pre-configured - working ok, out-of-the-box) and the latest Retropie image (installed the drivers, everything working too).

    Best regards.

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    please update on recalbox 6.1.1

  • Hello @acris!

    Thanks for the reply! Just updated and it's working fine now, with the settings in this thread. It's recognizing just 1 controller and the "Select" button is working fine too. The only additional step that I needed to do was reconfigure the gamepad, because the hotkey wasn't working.

    Other thing, but I think it's GameHAT related it's the color depth. I think it's running in 16 bit; anyway, for gaming it's fine.

    Besides that, everything is perfect. Thank you very much.

    Best regards.

  • @michael-lajoie

    Hey. I’m trying to setup my game hat. But it has a raspberry pi3 A+. Would this still work

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